Taewook Nam
Taewook Nam
Postdoctoral associate at Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado Boulder
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MoS2 Nanosheet Phototransistors with Thickness-Modulated Optical Energy Gap
HS Lee, SW Min, YG Chang, MK Park, T Nam, H Kim, JH Kim, S Ryu, S Im
Nano letters 12 (7), 3695-3700, 2012
Graphene as an atomically thin barrier to Cu diffusion into Si
J Hong, S Lee, S Lee, H Han, C Mahata, HW Yeon, B Koo, SI Kim, T Nam, ...
Nanoscale 6 (13), 7503-7511, 2014
Nanosheet thickness-modulated MoS2 dielectric property evidenced by field-effect transistor performance
SW Min, HS Lee, HJ Choi, MK Park, T Nam, H Kim, S Ryu, S Im
Nanoscale, 2013
Low-temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of TiO2, Al2O3, and ZnO Thin films
T Nam, JM Kim, MK Kim, WH Kim, H Kim
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 59 (2), 452~457, 2011
Atomic layer deposition ZnO: N flexible thin film transistors and the effects of bending on device properties
JM Kim, T Nam, SJ Lim, YG Seol, NE Lee, D Kim, H Kim
Applied Physics Letters 98 (14), 142113, 2011
Growth characteristics and properties of Ga-doped ZnO (GZO) thin films grown by thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
T Nam, CW Lee, HJ Kim, H Kim
Applied surface science 295, 260-265, 2014
Direct imprinting of MoS 2 flakes on a patterned gate for nanosheet transistors
K Choi, YT Lee, SW Min, HS Lee, T Nam, H Kim, S Im
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (47), 7803-7807, 2013
A composite layer of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 and graphene for flexible moisture barrier
T Nam, YJ Park, H Lee, IK Oh, JH Ahn, SM Cho, H Kim
Carbon 116, 553-561, 2017
The effects of ultraviolet exposure on the device characteristics of atomic layer deposited-ZnO: N thin film transistors
JM Kim, SJ Lim, T Nam, D Kim, H Kim
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 158 (5), J150, 2011
Low-temperature, high-growth-rate ALD of SiO2 using aminodisilane precursor
T Nam, H Lee, T Choi, S Seo, CM Yoon, Y Choi, H Jeong, HK Lingam, ...
Applied Surface Science 485, 381-390, 2019
Molecular oxidation of surface–CH3 during atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 with H2O, H2O2, and O3: a theoretical study
S Seo, T Nam, H Kim, B Shong
Applied Surface Science 457, 376-380, 2018
Growth characteristics and properties of indium oxide and indium-doped zinc oxide by atomic layer deposition
D Kim, T Nam, J Park, J Gatineau, H Kim
Thin Solid Films 587, 83-87, 2015
Atomic layer deposition of a uniform thin film on two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
T Nam, S Seo, H Kim
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 38 (3 …, 2020
Surface-Localized Sealing of Porous Ultralow-k Dielectric Films with Ultrathin (<2 nm) Polymer Coating
SJ Yoon, K Pak, T Nam, A Yoon, H Kim, SG Im, BJ Cho
ACS nano 11 (8), 7841-7847, 2017
Comparative study on atomic layer deposition of HfO 2 via substitution of ligand structure with cyclopentadiene
S Park, BE Park, H Yoon, S Lee, T Nam, T Cheon, SH Kim, H Cheon, S Im, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (4), 1344-1352, 2020
Atomic layer deposition for nonconventional nanomaterials and their applications
T Nam, H Kim
Journal of Materials Research 35 (7), 656-680, 2020
Moisture barrier properties of low-temperature atomic layer deposited Al2O3 using various oxidants
T Nam, H Lee, S Seo, SM Cho, B Shong, H Kim
Ceramics International 45 (15), 19105-19112, 2019
Hydrogen barrier performance of sputtered La 2 O 3 films for InGaZnO thin-film transistor
Y Lee, CH Lee, T Nam, S Lee, IK Oh, JY Yang, DW Choi, C Yoo, H Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Science 54 (16), 11145-11156, 2019
Cobalt titanium nitride amorphous metal alloys by atomic layer deposition
T Nam, CW Lee, T Cheon, WJ Lee, SH Kim, SH Kwon, H Kim
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 737, 684-692, 2018
Effects of TaN diffusion barrier on Cu-gate ZnO: N thin-film transistors
WJ Woo, T Nam, H Jung, IK Oh, JG Song, W Maeng, H Kim
IEEE Electron Device Letters 37 (5), 599-602, 2016
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