Mounir Meghelli
Mounir Meghelli
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A 10-Gb/s 5-tap DFE/4-tap FFE transceiver in 90-nm CMOS technology
JF Bulzacchelli, M Meghelli, SV Rylov, W Rhee, AV Rylyakov, HA Ainspan, ...
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 41 (12), 2885-2900, 2006
A 0.18/spl mu/m BiCMOS technology featuring 120/100 GHz (f/sub T//f/sub max/) HBT and ASIC-compatible CMOS using copper interconnect
A Joseph, D Coolbaugh, M Zierak, R Wuthrich, P Geiss, Z He, X Liu, ...
Proceedings of the 2001 BIPOLAR/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (Cat …, 2001
SiGe HBT technology with f/sub max//f/sub T/= 350/300 GHz and gate delay below 3.3 ps
M Khater, JS Rieh, T Adam, A Chinthakindi, J Johnson, R Krishnasamy, ...
IEDM Technical Digest. IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 2004 …, 2004
SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors and circuits toward terahertz communication applications
JS Rieh, B Jagannathan, DR Greenberg, M Meghelli, A Rylyakov, ...
IEEE transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 52 (10), 2390-2408, 2004
40-Gb/s circuits built from a 120-GHz f/sub T/SiGe technology
G Freeman, M Meghelli, Y Kwark, S Zier, A Rylyakov, MA Sorna, T Tanji, ...
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 37 (9), 1106-1114, 2002
A 10-Gb/s two-dimensional eye-opening monitor in 0.13-/spl mu/m standard CMOS
B Analui, A Rylyakov, S Rylov, M Meghelli, A Hajimiri
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 40 (12), 2689-2699, 2005
50-Gb/s SiGe BiCMOS 4: 1 multiplexer and 1: 4 demultiplexer for serial communication systems
M Meghelli, AV Rylyakov, L Shan
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 37 (12), 1790-1794, 2002
SiGe BiCMOS 3.3-V clock and data recovery circuits for 10-Gb/s serial transmission systems
M Meghelli, B Parker, H Ainspan, M Soyuer
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 35 (12), 1992-1995, 2000
A 10Gb/s 5-tap-DFE/4-tap-FFE transceiver in 90nm CMOS
M Meghelli, S Rylov, J Bulzacchelli, W Rhee, A Rylyakov, H Ainspan, ...
2006 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference-Digest of Technical …, 2006
132-Gb/s 4: 1 multiplexer in 0.13-/spl mu/m SiGe-bipolar technology
M Meghelli
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 39 (12), 2403-2407, 2004
A 0.18-μm SiGe BiCMOS receiver and transmitter chipset for SONET OC-768 transmission systems
M Meghelli, AV Rylyakov, SJ Zier, M Sorna, D Friedman
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 38 (12), 2147-2154, 2003
Phase and amplitude pre-emphasis techniques for low-power serial links
JF Buckwalter, M Meghelli, DJ Friedman, A Hajimiri
IEEE Journal of solid-state circuits 41 (6), 1391-1399, 2006
0.13/spl mu/m 210 GHz f/sub T/SiGe HBTs-expanding the horizons of SiGe BiCMOS
A Joseph, D Coolbaugh, D Harame, G Freeman, S Subbanna, M Doherty, ...
2002 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical …, 2002
A 16-Gb/s backplane transceiver with 12-tap current integrating DFE and dynamic adaptation of voltage offset and timing drifts in 45-nm SOI CMOS technology
GR Gangasani, CM Hsu, JF Bulzacchelli, S Rylov, T Beukema, D Freitas, ...
IEEE journal of solid-state circuits 47 (8), 1828-1841, 2012
Variable data width operation in multi-gigabit transceivers on a programmable logic device
WE Cory, HK Verma, AV Ghia, PT Sasaki, SM Menon
US Patent 6,617,877, 2003
A 25 Gb/s burst-mode receiver for low latency photonic switch networks
A Rylyakov, JE Proesel, S Rylov, BG Lee, JF Bulzacchelli, A Ardey, ...
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 50 (12), 3120-3132, 2015
An integrated silicon photonics technology for O-band datacom
NB Feilchenfeld, FG Anderson, T Barwicz, S Chilstedt, Y Ding, ...
2015 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 25.7. 1-25.7. 4, 2015
Address access system and method thereof
H Nakahara
US Patent 7,209,486, 2007
A WDM 4× 28Gbps integrated silicon photonic transmitter driven by 32nm CMOS driver ICs
A Ramaswamy, JE Roth, EJ Norberg, RS Guzzon, JH Shin, JT Imamura, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th5B. 5, 2015
A wide power-supply range (0.5 V-to-1.3 V) wide tuning range (500 MHz-to-8 GHz) all-static CMOS AD PLL in 65nm SOI
AV Rylyakov, JA Tierno, GJ English, D Friedman, M Meghelli
2007 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical …, 2007
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