Sung Kuk Lee
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Metabolic engineering of microorganisms for biofuels production: from bugs to synthetic biology to fuels
SK Lee, H Chou, TS Ham, TS Lee, JD Keasling
Current opinion in biotechnology 19 (6), 556-563, 2008
BglBrick vectors and datasheets: a synthetic biology platform for gene expression
TS Lee, RA Krupa, F Zhang, M Hajimorad, WJ Holtz, N Prasad, SK Lee, ...
Journal of biological engineering 5 (1), 12, 2011
Design and construction of a double inversion recombination switch for heritable sequential genetic memory
TS Ham, SK Lee, JD Keasling, AP Arkin
PLoS One 3 (7), 2008
Feasibilities of consolidated bioprocessing microbes: from pretreatment to biofuel production
V Parisutham, TH Kim, SK Lee
Bioresource technology 161, 431-440, 2014
Directed evolution of AraC for improved compatibility of arabinose-and lactose-inducible promoters
SK Lee, HH Chou, BF Pfleger, JD Newman, Y Yoshikuni, JD Keasling
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A propionate-inducible expression system for enteric bacteria
SK Lee, JD Keasling
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A tightly regulated inducible expression system utilizing the fim inversion recombination switch
TS Ham, SK Lee, JD Keasling, AP Arkin
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The art of reporter proteins in science: past, present and future applications
CM Ghim, SK Lee, S Takayama, RJ Mitchell
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Catabolite repression of the propionate catabolic genes in Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica: evidence for involvement of the cyclic AMP receptor protein
SK Lee, JD Newman, JD Keasling
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Rewiring carbon catabolite repression for microbial cell factory
P Vinuselvi, MK Kim, SK Lee, CM Ghim
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Simultaneous utilization of glucose and xylose via novel mechanisms in engineered Escherichia coli
SM Kim, BY Choi, YS Ryu, SH Jung, JM Park, GH Kim, SK Lee
Metabolic engineering 30, 141-148, 2015
Chemostat-like microfluidic platform for highly sensitive detection of heavy metal ions using microbial biosensors
M Kim, JW Lim, HJ Kim, SK Lee, SJ Lee, T Kim
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 65, 257-264, 2015
Review of micro/nanotechnologies for microbial biosensors
JW Lim, D Ha, J Lee, SK Lee, T Kim
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 3, 61, 2015
Heterologous expression of plant cell wall degrading enzymes for effective production of cellulosic biofuels
SK Jung, V Parisutham, SH Jeong, SK Lee
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Microfluidic technologies for synthetic biology
P Vinuselvi, S Park, M Kim, JM Park, T Kim, SK Lee
International journal of molecular sciences 12 (6), 3576-3593, 2011
Engineering Escherichia coli for efficient cellobiose utilization
P Vinuselvi, SK Lee
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 92 (1), 125-132, 2011
Isolation and characterization of a thermotolerant bacterium Ralstonia sp. strain PHS1 that degrades benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and o-xylene
SK Lee, S Lee
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 56 (1-2), 270-275, 2001
Synthetic biology for biofuels: building designer microbes from the scratch
CM Ghim, T Kim, RJ Mitchell, SK Lee
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 15 (1), 11-21, 2010
Engineered Escherichia coli capable of co-utilization of cellobiose and xylose
P Vinuselvi, SK Lee
Enzyme and microbial technology 50 (1), 1-4, 2012
Microfluidic device for analyzing preferential chemotaxis and chemoreceptor sensitivity of bacterial cells toward carbon sources
M Kim, SH Kim, SK Lee, T Kim
Analyst 136 (16), 3238-3243, 2011
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