Seyed Hassan Fallahzadeh
Seyed Hassan Fallahzadeh
Research Associate, Petroleum Engineering Department, Curtin University의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
An investigation of hydraulic fracturing initiation and near-wellbore propagation from perforated boreholes in tight formations
SH Fallahzadeh, V Rasouli, M Sarmadivaleh
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 48 (2), 573-584, 2015
Dealing with the challenges of hydraulic fracture initiation in deviated-cased perforated boreholes
SAH Fallahzadeh, RS Shadizadeh, P Pourafshary
Trinidad and Tobago energy resources conference, 2010
Contrast test of different permeability improvement technologies for gas-rich low-permeability coal seams
Y Lei, J Liu, S Zhang, W Zhang, H Wang
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 33, 1282-1290, 2016
Numerical simulation for the determination of hydraulic fracture initiation and breakdown pressure using distinct element method
H Fatahi, MM Hossain, SH Fallahzadeh, M Mostofi
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 33, 1219-1232, 2016
Near wellbore hydraulic fracture propagation from perforations in tight rocks: the roles of fracturing fluid viscosity and injection rate
SH Fallahzadeh, MM Hossain, A James Cornwell, V Rasouli
Energies 10 (3), 359, 2017
Full waveform acoustic data as an aid in reducing uncertainty of mud window design in the absence of leak-off test
A Aghajanpour, SH Fallahzadeh, S Khatibi, MM Hossain, A Kadkhodaie
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 45, 786-796, 2017
Modeling the perforation stress profile for analyzing hydraulic fracture initiation in a cased hole
SH Fallahzadeh, SR Shadizadeh, P Pourafshary, MR Zare
Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition, 2010
The impacts of fracturing fluid viscosity and injection rate on the near wellbore hydraulic fracture propagation in cased perforated wellbores
SH Fallahzadeh, A James Cornwell, V Rasouli, M Hossain
49th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, 2015
A new model for analyzing hydraulic fracture initiation in perforation tunnels
SH Fallahzadeh, SR Shadizadeh
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 35 …, 2013
The impact of cement sheath mechanical properties on near wellbore hydraulic fracture initiation
SH Fallahzadeh, V Rasouli
ISRM International Symposium-EUROCK 2012, 2012
Acoustic emissions monitoring of hydraulic fractures: fracture geometry and aftershocks
J He, A Dyskin, E Pasternak, SH Fallahzadeh
International Conference on Structural Integrity and Failure: Advances in …, 2016
Experimental investigation of hydraulic fracturing in vertical and horizontal perforated boreholes
SH Fallahzadeh, V Rasouli, M Sarmadivaleh
47th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, 2013
An experimental study to investigate hydraulic fracture reorientation with respect to the principal stresses
A Gotti, SH Fallahzadeh, V Rasouli
WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences 81, 197-207, 2012
Investigation of the True Triaxial Failure Mechanism for a Medium Strength Sandstone Report 3: Classic Triaxial testing result and model calibration
SH Fallahzadeh, H Salemi, N Tarom, M Sarmadivaleh
Simulations of hydraulic fracturing initiation in perforated boreholes
SH Fallahzadeh Abarghooei
Curtin University, 2015
Design and application of a high-performance true triaxial stress cell
A Rezagholilou, S Fallahzadeh, N Nourifard, S Tehrani, N Tarom, ...
Challenges in hydraulic fracturing from perforated boreholes in unconventional reservoirs
SHF Abarghooei, V Rasouli
The APPEA Journal 54 (1), 285-294, 0
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