Stefan Mannsfeld
Stefan Mannsfeld
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Highly sensitive flexible pressure sensors with microstructured rubber dielectric layers
SCB Mannsfeld, BCK Tee, RM Stoltenberg, CVHH Chen, S Barman, ...
Nature materials 9 (10), 859-864, 2010
Ultra-high mobility transparent organic thin film transistors grown by an off-centre spin-coating method
Y Yuan, G Giri, AL Ayzner, AP Zoombelt, SCB Mannsfeld, J Chen, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-9, 2014
Patterning organic single-crystal transistor arrays
AL Briseno, SCB Mannsfeld, MM Ling, S Liu, RJ Tseng, C Reese, ...
Nature 444 (7121), 913-917, 2006
Quantitative determination of organic semiconductor microstructure from the molecular to device scale
J Rivnay, SCB Mannsfeld, CE Miller, A Salleo, MF Toney
Chemical reviews 112 (10), 5488-5519, 2012
Tuning charge transport in solution-sheared organic semiconductors using lattice strain
G Giri, E Verploegen, SCB Mannsfeld, S Atahan-Evrenk, DH Kim, SY Lee, ...
Nature 480 (7378), 504-508, 2011
Solution coating of large-area organic semiconductor thin films with aligned single-crystalline domains
Y Diao, BCK Tee, G Giri, J Xu, DH Kim, HA Becerril, RM Stoltenberg, ...
Nature materials 12 (7), 665-671, 2013
Crystalline ultrasmooth self-assembled monolayers of alkylsilanes for organic field-effect transistors
Y Ito, AA Virkar, S Mannsfeld, JH Oh, M Toney, J Locklin, Z Bao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (26), 9396-9404, 2009
Morphology control strategies for solution-processed organic semiconductor thin films
Y Diao, L Shaw, Z Bao, SCB Mannsfeld
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (7), 2145-2159, 2014
Perylenediimide nanowires and their use in fabricating field-effect transistors and complementary inverters
AL Briseno, SCB Mannsfeld, C Reese, JM Hancock, Y Xiong, SA Jenekhe, ...
Nano letters 7 (9), 2847-2853, 2007
Organic semiconductor growth and morphology considerations for organic thin‐film transistors
AA Virkar, S Mannsfeld, Z Bao, N Stingelin
Advanced Materials 22 (34), 3857-3875, 2010
Introducing organic nanowire transistors
AL Briseno, SCB Mannsfeld, SA Jenekhe, Z Bao, Y Xia
Materials Today 11 (4), 38-47, 2008
Controlled deposition of crystalline organic semiconductors for field‐effect‐transistor applications
S Liu, WM Wang, AL Briseno, SCB Mannsfeld, Z Bao
Advanced Materials 21 (12), 1217-1232, 2009
Critical role of alkyl chain branching of organic semiconductors in enabling solution-processed n-channel organic thin-film transistors with mobility of up to 3.50 cm2 V–1 s–1
F Zhang, Y Hu, T Schuettfort, C Di, X Gao, CR McNeill, L Thomsen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (6), 2338-2349, 2013
Water-stable organic transistors and their application in chemical and biological sensors
ME Roberts, SCB Mannsfeld, N Queraltó, C Reese, J Locklin, W Knoll, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (34), 12134-12139, 2008
High performance all‐polymer solar cell via polymer side‐chain engineering
Y Zhou, T Kurosawa, W Ma, Y Guo, L Fang, K Vandewal, Y Diao, C Wang, ...
Advanced materials 26 (22), 3767-3772, 2014
From computational discovery to experimental characterization of a high hole mobility organic crystal
AN Sokolov, S Atahan-Evrenk, R Mondal, HB Akkerman, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-8, 2011
Quantification of thin film crystallographic orientation using X-ray diffraction with an area detector
JL Baker, LH Jimison, S Mannsfeld, S Volkman, S Yin, V Subramanian, ...
Langmuir 26 (11), 9146-9151, 2010
Fabrication of field-effect transistors from hexathiapentacene single-crystal nanowires
AL Briseno, SCB Mannsfeld, X Lu, Y Xiong, SA Jenekhe, Z Bao, Y Xia
Nano letters 7 (3), 668-675, 2007
Solution-processed, high-performance n-channel organic microwire transistors
JH Oh, HW Lee, S Mannsfeld, RM Stoltenberg, E Jung, YW Jin, JM Kim, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (15), 6065-6070, 2009
The role of OTS density on pentacene and C60 nucleation, thin film growth, and transistor performance
A Virkar, S Mannsfeld, JH Oh, MF Toney, YH Tan, G Liu, JC Scott, R Miller, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (12), 1962-1970, 2009
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