Yeongjin Kim
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Robotic palpation and mechanical property characterization for abnormal tissue localization
B Ahn, Y Kim, CK Oh, J Kim
Medical & biological engineering & computing 50 (9), 961-971, 2012
Design, development, and evaluation of an MRI-guided SMA spring-actuated neurosurgical robot
M Ho, Y Kim, SS Cheng, R Gullapalli, JP Desai
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Characterization of cellular elastic modulus using structure based double layer model
Y Kim, M Kim, JH Shin, J Kim
Medical & biological engineering & computing 49 (4), 453-462, 2011
Toward the development of a flexible mesoscale MRI-compatible neurosurgical continuum robot
Y Kim, SS Cheng, M Diakite, RP Gullapalli, JM Simard, JP Desai
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Local property characterization of prostate glands using inhomogeneous modeling based on tumor volume and location analysis
Y Kim, B Ahn, JW Lee, KH Rha, J Kim
Medical & biological engineering & computing 51 (1-2), 197-205, 2013
Real-time haptic rendering of slowly deformable bodies based on two dimensional visual information for telemanipulation
J Kim, Y Kim, J Kim
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Design and kinematic analysis of a neurosurgical spring-based continuum robot using SMA spring actuators
Y Kim, JP Desai
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Design of an optical soft sensor for measuring fingertip force and contact recognition
H Cho, H Lee, Y Kim, J Kim
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Towards a robotic hand rehabilitation exoskeleton for stroke therapy
Y Kim, SS Cheng, A Ecins, C Fermüller, KP Westlake, JP Desai
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New approach for abnormal tissue localization with robotic palpation and mechanical property characterization
B Ahn, Y Kim, J Kim
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Modeling and characterization of shape memory alloy springs with water cooling strategy in a neurosurgical robot
SS Cheng, Y Kim, JP Desai
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New actuation mechanism for actively cooled SMA springs in a neurosurgical robot
SS Cheng, Y Kim, JP Desai
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Robotic system with sweeping palpation and needle biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis
B Ahn, H Lee, Y Kim, J Kim
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Inclusion detection with haptic-palpation system for medical telediagnosis
J Kim, B Ahn, Y Kim, J Kim
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Atomic force microscopy probing for biomechanical characterization of living cells
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Active Stiffness Tuning of a Spring-Based Continuum Robot for MRI-Guided Neurosurgery
Y Kim, SS Cheng, JP Desai
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 34 (1), 18-28, 2018
Towards real-time SMA control for a neurosurgical robot: MINIR-II
SS Cheng, Y Kim, JP Desai
Robotics Research, 187-200, 2018
Digital rectal examination in a simulated environment using sweeping palpation and mechanical localization
Y Kim, B Ahn, Y Na, T Shin, K Rha, J Kim
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Towards the development of a spring-based continuum robot for neurosurgery
Y Kim, SS Cheng, JP Desai
Medical Imaging 2015: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and …, 2015
Robotic mechanical localization of prostate cancer correlates with magnetic resonance imaging scans
TY Shin, YJ Kim, SK Lim, J Kim, KH Rha
Yonsei medical journal 54 (4), 907-911, 2013
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