Dr. Nitin Chaudhari
Dr. Nitin Chaudhari
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Homogeneous deposition of platinum nanoparticles on carbon black for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
B Fang, NK Chaudhari, MS Kim, JH Kim, JS Yu
Journal of the American chemical society 131 (42), 15330-15338, 2009
Nanostructured materials on 3D nickel foam as electrocatalysts for water splitting
NK Chaudhari, H Jin, B Kim, K Lee
Nanoscale 9 (34), 12231-12247, 2017
MXene: an emerging two-dimensional material for future energy conversion and storage applications
NK Chaudhari, H Jin, B Kim, D San Baek, SH Joo, K Lee
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (47), 24564-24579, 2017
Heteroatom-doped highly porous carbon from human urine
NK Chaudhari, MY Song, JS Yu
Scientific reports 4, 5221, 2014
Size Control Synthesis of Uniform β-FeOOH to High Coercive Field Porous Magnetic α-Fe2O3 Nanorods
NK Chaudhari, JS Yu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (50), 19957-19962, 2008
Incorporating hierarchical nanostructured carbon counter electrode into metal-free organic dye-sensitized solar cell
B Fang, SQ Fan, JH Kim, MS Kim, M Kim, NK Chaudhari, J Ko, JS Yu
Langmuir 26 (13), 11238-11243, 2010
Cube-like α-Fe2O3 supported on ordered multimodal porous carbon as high performance electrode material for supercapacitors
NK Chaudhari, S Chaudhari, JS Yu
ChemSusChem 7 (11), 3102-3111, 2014
Peroxidase mimic activity of hematite iron oxides (α-Fe 2 O 3) with different nanostructures
KN Chaudhari, NK Chaudhari, JS Yu
Catalysis Science & Technology 2 (1), 119-124, 2012
Easy synthesis and characterization of single-crystalline hexagonal prism-shaped hematite α-Fe 2 O 3 in aqueous media
NK Chaudhari, HC Kim, D Son, JS Yu
CrystEngComm 11 (11), 2264-2267, 2009
Supported copper oxide as a highly active/selective catalyst for the epoxidation of styrene by TBHP to styrene oxide
VR Choudhary, R Jha, NK Chaudhari, P Jana
Catalysis Communications 8 (10), 1556-1560, 2007
Hematite (α-Fe2O3) nanoparticles on vulcan carbon as an ultrahigh capacity anode material in lithium ion battery
NK Chaudhari, MS Kim, TS Bae, JS Yu
Electrochimica Acta 114, 60-67, 2013
A highly efficient synthesis approach of supported Pt-Ru catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell
MS Kim, B Fang, NK Chaudhari, M Song, TS Bae, JS Yu
Electrochimica acta 55 (15), 4543-4550, 2010
Epoxidation of styrene by anhydrous hydrogen peroxide over boehmite and alumina catalysts with continuous removal of the reaction water
VR Choudhary, NS Patil, NK Chaudhari, SK Bhargava
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 227 (1-2), 217-222, 2005
Lanthanide metal-assisted synthesis of rhombic dodecahedral MNi (M= Ir and Pt) nanoframes toward efficient oxygen evolution catalysis
H Jin, Y Hong, J Yoon, A Oh, NK Chaudhari, H Baik, SH Joo, K Lee
Nano Energy 42, 17-25, 2017
Topotactic Transformations in an Icosahedral Nanocrystal to Form Efficient Water‐Splitting Catalysts
A Oh, HY Kim, H Baik, B Kim, NK Chaudhari, SH Joo, K Lee
Advanced materials 31 (1), 1805546, 2019
Recent advances in electrocatalysts toward the oxygen reduction reaction: the case of PtNi octahedra
NK Chaudhari, J Joo, B Kim, B Ruqia, SI Choi, K Lee
Nanoscale 10 (43), 20073-20088, 2018
Solvent controlled synthesis of new hematite superstructures with large coercive values
NK Chaudhari, HC Kim, CS Kim, J Park, JS Yu
CrystEngComm 14 (6), 2024-2031, 2012
Evaluation of toxicity and gene expression changes triggered by oxide nanoparticles
P Dua, KN Chaudhari, CH Lee, NK Chaudhari, SW Hong, JS Yu, SY Kim, ...
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 32 (6), 2051-2057, 2011
Urine to highly porous heteroatom-doped carbon for supercapacitor: A value added journey for human waste
JSY Fatemeh Razmjooei, Kiranpal Singh, Tong Hyun Kang, Nitin Chaudhari ...
Scientific reports 7, 10910, 2017
Biphasic selective epoxidation of styrene by t-butyl hydroperoxide to styrene oxide using potassium chromate or dichromate catalyst in aqueous medium
VR Choudhary, NS Patil, NK Chaudhari, SK Bhargava
Catalysis Communications 5 (4), 205-208, 2004
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