Jia-Yu Chen
Jia-Yu Chen
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A large-scale binding and functional map of human RNA-binding proteins
EL Van Nostrand*, P Freese*, GA Pratt*, X Wang*, X Wei*, R Xiao*, ...
Nature 583 (7818), 711-719, 2020
Hominoid-specific de novo protein-coding genes originating from long non-coding RNAs
C Xie*, YE Zhang*, JY Chen*, CJ Liu, WZ Zhou, Y Li, M Zhang, R Zhang, ...
PLoS Genetics 8 (9), e1002942, 2012
R-ChIP Using Inactive RNase H Reveals Dynamic Coupling of R-loops with Transcriptional Pausing at Gene Promoters
L Chen*, JY Chen*, X Zhang, Y Gu, R Xiao, C Shao, P Tang, H Qian, ...
Molecular Cell, 2017
Expanded encyclopaedias of DNA elements in the human and mouse genomes
The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature 583 (7818), 699-710, 2020
The Augmented R-Loop Is a Unifying Mechanism for Myelodysplastic Syndromes Induced by High-Risk Splicing Factor Mutations
L Chen*, JY Chen*, YJ Huang*, Y Gu, J Qiu, H Qian, C Shao, X Zhang, ...
Molecular Cell, 2018
RNA editome in rhesus macaque shaped by purifying selection
JY Chen*, Z Peng*, R Zhang*, XZ Yang, BCM Tan, H Fang, CJ Liu, M Shi, ...
PLoS genet 10 (4), e1004274, 2014
Pervasive Chromatin-RNA Binding Protein Interactions Enable RNA-Based Regulation of Transcription
R Xiao*, JY Chen*, Z Liang*, D Luo, G Chen, ZJ Lu, Y Chen, B Zhou, H Li, ...
Cell 178 (1), 107-121. e18, 2019
Emergence, retention and selection: a trilogy of origination for functional de novo proteins from ancestral LncRNAs in primates
JY Chen*, QS Shen*, WZ Zhou*, J Peng, BZ He, Y Li, CJ Liu, X Luan, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (7), e1005391, 2015
Evolutionary interrogation of human biology in well-annotated genomic framework of rhesus macaque
SJ Zhang, CJ Liu, P Yu, X Zhong, JY Chen, X Yang, J Peng, S Yan, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (5), 1309-1324, 2014
Spliceosomal protein eftud2 mutation leads to p53-dependent apoptosis in zebrafish neural progenitors
L Lei, SY Yan, R Yang, JY Chen, Y Li, Y Bu, N Chang, Q Zhou, X Zhu, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (6), 3422-3436, 2017
RhesusBase: a knowledgebase for the monkey research community
SJ Zhang, CJ Liu, M Shi, L Kong, JY Chen, WZ Zhou, X Zhu, P Yu, J Wang, ...
Nucleic Acids Research, 2012
Isoform evolution in primates through independent combination of alternative RNA processing events
SJ Zhang, C Wang, S Yan, A Fu, X Luan, Y Li, Q Sunny Shen, X Zhong, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 34 (10), 2453-2468, 2017
R-ChIP for genome-wide mapping of R-loops by using catalytically inactive RNASEH1
JY Chen, X Zhang, XD Fu, L Chen
Nature protocols 14 (5), 1661-1685, 2019
Perspectives on ENCODE
The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature 583 (7818), 693-698, 2020
RhesusBase PopGateway: genome-wide population genetics atlas in rhesus macaque
X Zhong, J Peng, QS Shen, JY Chen, H Gao, X Luan, S Yan, X Huang, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 33 (5), 1370-1375, 2016
Selectively constrained RNA editing regulation crosstalks with piRNA biogenesis in primates
XZ Yang*, JY Chen*, CJ Liu, J Peng, YR Wee, X Han, C Wang, X Zhong, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (12), 3143-3157, 2015
Nexilin is a new component of junctional membrane complexes required for cardiac T-tubule formation
C Liu, S Spinozzi, JY Chen, X Fang, W Feng, G Perkins, P Cattaneo, ...
Circulation 140 (1), 55-66, 2019
Deficiency of PRKD2 triggers hyperinsulinemia and metabolic disorders
Y Xiao, C Wang, JY Chen, F Lu, J Wang, N Hou, X Hu, F Zeng, D Ma, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-11, 2018
Evolutionarily significant A-to-I RNA editing events originated through G-to-A mutations in primates
NA An, W Ding, XZ Yang, ..., JY Chen^, CY Li^
Genome Biology 20 (1), 24, 2019
Active retrotransposons help maintain pericentromeric heterochromatin required for faithful cell division
Y Hao, D Wang, S Wu, X Li, C Shao, P Zhang, JY Chen, DH Lim, XD Fu, ...
Genome Research 30 (11), 1570-1582, 2020
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