Michael Barnett-Cowan
Michael Barnett-Cowan
Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo
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Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science
Open Science Collaboration
Science 349 (6251), 2015
An open, large-scale, collaborative effort to estimate the reproducibility of psychological science
A Alexander, M Barnett-Cowan, E Bartmess, FA Bosco, M Brandt, J Carp, ...
Perspectives on Psychological Science 7 (6), 657-660, 2012
& Zuni, K.(2016). Response to comment on “Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science”
CJ Anderson, S Bahnik, M Barnett-Cowan, FA Bosco, J Chandler, ...
Science 351 (6277), 1037-1039, 0
Presence and cybersickness in virtual reality are negatively related: a review
S Weech, S Kenny, M Barnett-Cowan
Frontiers in psychology 10, 158, 2019
Perceived timing of vestibular stimulation relative to touch, light and sound
M Barnett-Cowan, LR Harris
Experimental brain research 198 (2-3), 221-231, 2009
Multisensory determinants of orientation perception in Parkinson's disease
M Barnett-Cowan, RT Dyde, SH Fox, E Moro, WD Hutchison, LR Harris
Neuroscience 167 (4), 1138-1150, 2010
Impaired timing of audiovisual events in the elderly
G Bedard, M Barnett-Cowan
Experimental brain research 234 (1), 331-340, 2016
Perceived Object Stability Depends on Multisensory Estimates of Gravity
M Barnett-Cowan, RW Fleming, M Singh, HH Bülthoff
PloS one 6 (4), e19289, 2011
Crossing the hands is more confusing for females than males
ML Cadieux, M Barnett-Cowan, DI Shore
Experimental brain research 204 (3), 431-446, 2010
MPI CyberMotion Simulator: Implementation of a Novel Motion Simulator to Investigate Multisensory Path Integration in Three Dimensions.
M Barnett-Cowan, T Meilinger, M Vidal, H Teufel, HH Bülthoff
Journal of Visualized Experiments 63, e3436, 2012
Multisensory determinants of orientation perception: task‐specific sex differences
M Barnett‐Cowan, RT Dyde, C Thompson, LR Harris
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Estimating the sensorimotor components of cybersickness
S Weech, JP Varghese, M Barnett-Cowan
Journal of neurophysiology 120 (5), 2201-2217, 2018
Vestibular perception is slow: a review
M Barnett-Cowan
Multisensory research 26 (4), 387-403, 2013
Temporal processing of active and passive head movement
M Barnett-Cowan, LR Harris
Experimental brain research 214 (1), 27-35, 2011
An illusion you can sink your teeth into: Haptic cues modulate the perceived freshness and crispness of pretzels
M Barnett-Cowan
Perception 39 (12), 1684-1686, 2010
Human dorsomedial parieto-motor circuit specifies grasp during the planning of goal-directed hand actions
M Vesia, M Barnett-Cowan, B Elahi, G Jegatheeswaran, R Isayama, ...
Cortex 92, 175-186, 2017
Perceived self-orientation in allocentric and egocentric space: effects of visual and physical tilt on saccadic and tactile measures
M Barnett-Cowan, LR Harris
Brain research 1242, 231-243, 2008
Roll rate thresholds and perceived realism in driving simulation
A Nesti, C Masone, M Barnett-Cowan, P Robuffo Giordano, HH Bülthoff, ...
Driving Simulation Conference Europe (DSC 2012), 23-31, 2012
Modeling direction discrimination thresholds for yaw rotations around an earth-vertical axis for arbitrary motion profiles
F Soyka, PR Giordano, M Barnett-Cowan, HH Bülthoff
Experimental brain research 220 (1), 89-99, 2012
Integration of visual and inertial cues in the perception of angular self-motion
KN De Winkel, F Soyka, M Barnett-Cowan, HH Bülthoff, EL Groen, ...
Experimental brain research 231 (2), 209-218, 2013
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