Reza Kheradmand
Reza Kheradmand
Photonics Group, Research institute for Applied Physics & Astronomy, University of Tabriz, Tabriz- Iran의 이메일 확인됨
Gray-scale and color optical encryption based on computational ghost imaging
M Tanha, R Kheradmand, S Ahmadi-Kandjani
Applied Physics Letters 101 (10), 101108, 2012
Cavity solitons in a driven VCSEL above threshold
X Hachair, F Pedaci, E Caboche, S Barland, M Giudici, JR Tredicce, ...
IEEE Journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 12 (3), 339-351, 2006
Cavity soliton laser based on VCSEL with saturable absorber
M Bache, F Prati, G Tissoni, R Kheradmand, LA Lugiato, I Protsenko, ...
Applied Physics B 81 (7), 913-920, 2005
High-sensitive double-hole defect refractive index sensor based on 2-D photonic crystal
LA Shiramin, R Kheradmand, A Abbasi
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Comparison of different switching techniques in a cavity soliton laser
KM Aghdami, F Prati, P Caccia, G Tissoni, LA Lugiato, R Kheradmand, ...
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Ultra compact and fast All Optical Flip Flop design in photonic crystal platform
A Abbasi, M Noshad, R Ranjbar, R Kheradmand
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Novel all-optical logic gates based on photonic crystal structure
M Noshad, A Abbasi, R Ranjbar, R Kheradmand
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 350 (1), 012007, 2012
The impact of the relative phase on the transient optical properties of a four-level EIT medium
M Sahrai, M Mahmoudi, R Kheradmand
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Computational fluorescence ghost imaging
M Tanha, S Ahmadi-Kandjani, R Kheradmand, H Ghanbari
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All optical switching in semiconductor microresonators based on pattern selection
R Kheradmand, M Sahrai, H Tajalli, G Tissoni, LA Lugiato
The European Physical Journal D 47 (1), 107-112, 2008
Noise reduction in selective computational ghost imaging using genetic algorithm
M Zafari, S Ahmadi-Kandjani, R Kheradmand
Optics Communications 387, 182-187, 2017
Cavity solitons in a VCSEL: reconfigurable micropixel arrays
S Barland, M Brambilla, L Columbo, L Furfaro, M Giudici, X Hachair, ...
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Two-dimensional discrete cavity solitons: switching and all-optical gates
KM Aghdami, M Golshani, R Kheradmand
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All optical logic gates based on cavity solitons with nonlinear gain
M Eslami, R Kheradmand
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Phase-mediated long-range interactions of cavity solitons in a semiconductor laser with a saturable absorber
H Vahed, R Kheradmand, H Tajalli, G Tissoni, LA Lugiato, F Prati
Physical Review A 84 (6), 063814, 2011
The effect of nonlinear gain on the characteristics of an optically injected VCSEL and cavity solitons
M Eslami, R Kheradmand, G Hashemvand
Optical and Quantum Electronics 46 (2), 319-329, 2014
All-optical tunable delay-line memory based on a semiconductor cavity-soliton laser
M Eslami, R Kheradmand, F Prati
Physical Review A 89 (1), 013818, 2014
The effect of temperature on the recombination rate of AlGaN/GaN light emitting diodes
S Shishehchi, A Asgari, R Kheradmand
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Atom localization of a two-level pump-probe system via the absorption spectrum
M Sahrai, M Mahmoudi, R Kheradmand
Laser physics 17 (1), 40-44, 2007
Complex behavior of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with optical injection
M Eslami, R Kheradmand, KM Aghdami
Physica Scripta 2013 (T157), 014038, 2013
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