Gries, Thomas
Gries, Thomas
Professor Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University
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Characterization of textile electrodes and conductors using standardized measurement setups
L Beckmann, C Neuhaus, G Medrano, N Jungbecker, M Walter, T Gries, ...
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Fibrin-polylactide-based tissue-engineered vascular graft in the arterial circulation
S Koch, TC Flanagan, JS Sachweh, F Tanios, H Schnoering, ...
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Textile technology
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A Peled, Z Cohen, Y Pasder, A Roye, T Gries
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Neutrophil-derived cathelicidin protects from neointimal hyperplasia
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Effect of nanomaterial on mode I and mode II interlaminar fracture toughness of woven carbon fabric reinforced polymer composites
VK Srivastava, T Gries, D Veit, T Quadflieg, B Mohr, M Kolloch
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Recommendation of RILEM TC 232-TDT: test methods and design of textile reinforced concrete: Uniaxial tensile test: test method to determine the load bearing behavior of tensile …
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G Medrano, A Ubl, N Zimmermann, T Gries, S Leonhardt
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Textile technology: an introduction
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Structure, properties, and phase transitions of melt‐spun poly (vinylidene fluoride) fibers
W Steinmann, S Walter, G Seide, T Gries, G Roth, M Schubnell
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