Hae Rang Lee
Hae Rang Lee
Gwacheon National Science Museum
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ε‐Branched Flexible Side Chain Substituted Diketopyrrolopyrrole‐Containing Polymers Designed for High Hole and Electron Mobilities
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Toward environmentally robust organic electronics: approaches and applications
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Organic transistor-based chemical sensors for wearable bioelectronics
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Acceptor–acceptor type isoindigo-based copolymers for high-performance n-channel field-effect transistors
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Chemically robust ambipolar organic transistor array directly patterned by photolithography
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Siloxane side chains: a universal tool for practical applications of organic field-effect transistors
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High-performance furan-containing conjugated polymer for environmentally benign solution processing
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A role of side-chain regiochemistry of thienylene–vinylene–thienylene (TVT) in the transistor performance of isomeric polymers
SH Kang, HR Lee, GK Dutta, J Lee, JH Oh, C Yang
Macromolecules 50 (3), 884-890, 2017
Efficient and Air‐Stable Aqueous‐Processed Organic Solar Cells and Transistors: Impact of Water Addition on Processability and Thin‐Film Morphologies of Electroactive Materials
C Lee, HR Lee, J Choi, Y Kim, TL Nguyen, W Lee, B Gautam, X Liu, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (34), 1802674, 2018
Furan-flanked diketopyrrolopyrrole-based chalcogenophene copolymers with siloxane hybrid side chains for organic field-effect transistors
SM Lee, HR Lee, GK Dutta, J Lee, JH Oh, C Yang
Polymer Chemistry 10 (22), 2854-2862, 2019
Requirements for forming efficient 3-D charge transport pathway in diketopyrrolopyrrole-based copolymers: Film morphology vs molecular packing
GY Lee, AR Han, T Kim, HR Lee, JH Oh, T Park
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Understanding of Fluorination Dependence on Electron Mobility and Stability of Naphthalenediimide-Based Polymer Transistors in Environment with 100% Relative Humidity
Y Cho, HR Lee, A Jeong, J Lee, SM Lee, SH Joo, SK Kwak, JH Oh, ...
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Bioderived and Eco-Friendly Solvent-Processed High-Mobility Ambipolar Plastic Transistors through Controlled Irregularity of the Polymer Backbone
SH Kang, A Jeong, HR Lee, JH Oh, C Yang
Chemistry of Materials 31 (10), 3831-3839, 2019
Use of heteroaromatic spacers in isoindigo-benzothiadiazole polymers for ambipolar charge transport
G Kim, AR Han, HR Lee, JH Oh, C Yang
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A Hippocampus‐Inspired Dual‐Gated Organic Artificial Synapse for Simultaneous Sensing of a Neurotransmitter and Light
HR Lee, D Lee, JH Oh
Advanced Materials 33 (17), 2100119, 2021
Neuromorphic bioelectronics based on semiconducting polymers
HR Lee, Y Won, JH Oh
Journal of Polymer Science, 2021
Influence of Fluorination on the Charge Transport Property and Air Stability
이도영, 이해랑, 조영준, 정아영, 이정호, 이상면, 주세훈, 곽상규, ...
한국고분자학회 학술대회 연구논문 초록집 45 (2), 84-84, 2020
3P-42: Eco-Friendly Solvent Processed High Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors
이해랑, 강소희, 이상면, 정아영, 양창덕, 오준학
한국공업화학회 연구논문 초록집 2020, 320-320, 2020
3P-30: The effect of fluorination on the charge transport property and air stability
이도영, 이해랑, 조영준, 정아영, 이정호, 이상면, 주세훈, 곽상규, ...
한국공업화학회 연구논문 초록집 2020, 318-318, 2020
2P-25: Development of High Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors with Bio-Derived Solvent-Processable Random Terpolymers
이해랑, 강소희, 정아영, 양창덕, 오준학
한국공업화학회 연구논문 초록집 2019, 301-301, 2019
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