Vincent Hayward
Vincent Hayward
Sorbonne Université / Actronika SAS
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Haptic interfaces and devices
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Single state elastoplastic friction models
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Force can overcome object geometry in the perception of shape through active touch
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Discrete-time adaptive windowing for velocity estimation
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Performance measures for haptic interfaces
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Tactile display device using distributed lateral skin stretch
J Manuel
Do it yourself haptics: part I
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Elasto-plastic friction model: contact compliance and stiction
P Dupont, B Armstrong, V Hayward
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Haptic Pads for use with user-interface devices
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A new computational model of friction applied to haptic rendering
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Finger pad friction and its role in grip and touch
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Variable structure control of shape memory alloy actuators
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STReSS: A practical tactile display system with one millimeter spatial resolution and 700 Hz refresh rate
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Robot manipulator control under unix RCCL: a robot control" C" library
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Phase control approach to hysteresis reduction
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IEEE transactions on control systems technology 9 (1), 17-26, 2001
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