Sung Soo Kwak
Sung Soo Kwak
Senior Researcher of KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)의 이메일 확인됨
Fully stretchable textile triboelectric nanogenerator with knitted fabric structures
SS Kwak, H Kim, W Seung, J Kim, R Hinchet, SW Kim
ACS nano 11 (11), 10733-10741, 2017
High‐performance piezoelectric, pyroelectric, and triboelectric nanogenerators based on P (VDF‐TrFE) with controlled crystallinity and dipole alignment
J Kim, JH Lee, H Ryu, JH Lee, U Khan, H Kim, SS Kwak, SW Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (22), 1700702, 2017
Triboelectrification-induced large electric power generation from a single moving droplet on graphene/polytetrafluoroethylene
SS Kwak, S Lin, JH Lee, H Ryu, TY Kim, H Zhong, H Chen, SW Kim
Acs Nano 10 (8), 7297-7302, 2016
Textile‐based triboelectric nanogenerators for self‐powered wearable electronics
SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (2), 1804533, 2019
Sustainable direct current powering a triboelectric nanogenerator via a novel asymmetrical design
H Ryu, JH Lee, U Khan, SS Kwak, R Hinchet, SW Kim
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (8), 2057-2063, 2018
High‐performance triboelectric nanogenerators based on solid polymer electrolytes with asymmetric pairing of ions
H Ryu, JH Lee, TY Kim, U Khan, JH Lee, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (17), 1700289, 2017
Fully stretchable and highly durable triboelectric nanogenerators based on gold-nanosheet electrodes for self-powered human-motion detection
GH Lim, SS Kwak, N Kwon, T Kim, H Kim, SM Kim, SW Kim, B Lim
Nano Energy 42, 300-306, 2017
Butylated melamine formaldehyde as a durable and highly positive friction layer for stable, high output triboelectric nanogenerators
SS Kwak, SM Kim, H Ryu, J Kim, U Khan, HJ Yoon, YH Jeong, SW Kim
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (10), 3156-3163, 2019
Highly conductive ferroelectric cellulose composite papers for efficient triboelectric nanogenerators
H Oh, SS Kwak, B Kim, E Han, GH Lim, SW Kim, B Lim
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (37), 1904066, 2019
Thermally induced strain‐coupled highly stretchable and sensitive pyroelectric nanogenerators
JH Lee, H Ryu, TY Kim, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, TH Kim, W Seung, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (18), 1500704, 2015
High Permittivity CaCu3Ti4O12 Particle‐Induced Internal Polarization Amplification for High Performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators
J Kim, H Ryu, JH Lee, U Khan, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (9), 1903524, 2020
Wirelessly controlled, bioresorbable drug delivery device with active valves that exploit electrochemically triggered crevice corrosion
J Koo, SB Kim, YS Choi, Z Xie, AJ Bandodkar, J Khalifeh, Y Yan, H Kim, ...
Science advances 6 (35), eabb1093, 2020
Graphene/h-BN/ZnO van der Waals tunneling heterostructure based ultraviolet photodetector
Z Wu, X Li, H Zhong, S Zhang, P Wang, T Kim, SS Kwak, C Liu, H Chen, ...
Optics express 23 (15), 18864-18871, 2015
Three-dimensional, multifunctional neural interfaces for cortical spheroids and engineered assembloids
Y Park, CK Franz, H Ryu, H Luan, KY Cotton, JU Kim, TS Chung, S Zhao, ...
Science Advances 7 (12), eabf9153, 2021
Wireless, skin-interfaced sensors for compression therapy
Y Park, K Kwon, SS Kwak, JW Kwak, H Luan, TS Chung, K San Chun, ...
Science advances 6 (49), eabe1655, 2020
Chlorine-trapped CVD bilayer graphene for resistive pressure sensor with high detection limit and high sensitivity
VP Pham, MT Nguyen, JW Park, SS Kwak, DHT Nguyen, MK Mun, ...
2D Materials 4 (2), 025049, 2017
A wireless, skin-interfaced biosensor for cerebral hemodynamic monitoring in pediatric care
AY Rwei, W Lu, C Wu, K Human, E Suen, D Franklin, M Fabiani, G Gratton, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (50), 31674-31684, 2020
Soft, skin-interfaced microfluidic systems with integrated immunoassays, fluorometric sensors, and impedance measurement capabilities
S Kim, B Lee, JT Reeder, SH Seo, SU Lee, A Hourlier-Fargette, J Shin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (45), 27906-27915, 2020
Ultrahigh Power Output from Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Serrated Electrode via Spark Discharge
J Kim, H Cho, M Han, Y Jung, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, B Park, H Kim, H Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (44), 2002312, 2020
Triboelectric energy harvester
SW Kim, SS Kwak, SH Kim, SS Kim, TY Kim, TH Kim, WC Seung, HJ Ryu, ...
US Patent App. 15/089,869, 2016
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