Joyce Poon
Joyce Poon
Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, University of Toronto
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Matrix analysis of microring coupled-resonator optical waveguides
JKS Poon, J Scheuer, S Mookherjea, GT Paloczi, Y Huang, A Yariv
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Designing coupled-resonator optical waveguide delay lines
JKS Poon, J Scheuer, Y Xu, A Yariv
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Transmission and group delay of microring coupled-resonator optical waveguides
JK Poon, L Zhu, GA DeRose, A Yariv
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Polarization rotator-splitters in standard active silicon photonics platforms
WD Sacher, T Barwicz, BJF Taylor, JKS Poon
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WD Sacher, Y Huang, GQ Lo, JKS Poon
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Dynamics of microring resonator modulators
WD Sacher, JKS Poon
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Coupled resonator optical waveguides: toward the slowing and storage of light
J Scheuer, GT Paloczi, JKS Poon, A Yariv
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Programmable photonic circuits
W Bogaerts, D Pérez, J Capmany, DAB Miller, J Poon, D Englund, ...
Nature 586 (7828), 207-216, 2020
Wide bandwidth and high coupling efficiency Si 3 N 4-on-SOI dual-level grating coupler
WD Sacher, Y Huang, L Ding, BJF Taylor, H Jayatilleka, GQ Lo, JKS Poon
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A Joushaghani, BA Kruger, S Paradis, D Alain, J Stewart Aitchison, ...
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Wavelength-selective reflector based on a circular array of coupled microring resonators
JKS Poon, J Scheuer, A Yariv
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A Joushaghani, J Jeong, S Paradis, D Alain, JS Aitchison, JKS Poon
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Silicon photonic transmitter for polarization-encoded quantum key distribution
C Ma, WD Sacher, Z Tang, JC Mikkelsen, Y Yang, F Xu, T Thiessen, ...
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WD Sacher, Y Huang, L Ding, T Barwicz, JC Mikkelsen, BJF Taylor, ...
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Coupling modulation of microrings at rates beyond the linewidth limit
WD Sacher, WMJ Green, S Assefa, T Barwicz, H Pan, SM Shank, ...
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Polymer microring coupled-resonator optical waveguides
JKS Poon, L Zhu, GA DeRose, A Yariv
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Soft lithography replica molding of critically coupled polymer microring resonators
JKS Poon, Y Huang, GT Paloczi, A Yariv
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Voltage-controlled switching and thermal effects in VO2 nano-gap junctions
A Joushaghani, J Jeong, S Paradis, D Alain, J Stewart Aitchison, ...
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IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 51 (11), 1-11, 2015
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