Anh T. V. Phan
Anh T. V. Phan
Postdoctoral Researcher, University College London의 이메일 확인됨
Microscopic dynamics of water and hydrocarbon in shale-kerogen pores of potentially mixed wettability
Y Hu, D Devegowda, A Striolo, AT Van Phan, TA Ho, F Civan, R Sigal
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A Phan, TA Ho, DR Cole, A Striolo
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Confined water determines transport properties of guest molecules in narrow pores
A Phan, DR Cole, RG Weiß, J Dzubiella, A Striolo
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A Phan, DR Cole, A Striolo
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Transport mechanism of guest methane in water-filled nanopores
T Bui, A Phan, DR Cole, A Striolo
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Preferential adsorption from liquid water–ethanol mixtures in alumina pores
A Phan, DR Cole, A Striolo
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T Bui, A Phan, D Monteiro, Q Lan, M Ceglio, E Acosta, P Krishnamurthy, ...
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Y Hu, D Devegowda, A Striolo, A Phan, TA Ho, F Civan, R Sigal
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Liquid ethanol simulated on crystalline alpha alumina
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A Phan, A Striolo
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 288, 109559, 2019
A pore scale study of Slickwater systems in Shale Reservoirs: Implications for Frac-Water distribution and produced water salinity
Y Hu, D Devegowda, A Striolo, A Phan, TA Ho, F Civan, R Sigal
SPE/AAPG/SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, 2013
Evidence of facilitated transport in crowded nanopores
A Phan, A Striolo
The journal of physical chemistry letters 11 (5), 1814-1821, 2020
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Molecular properties of interfaces relevant for clathrate hydrate agglomeration
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The impact of pore size and kerogen maturity on the behavior of water in organic kerogen nanopores in shales
Y Hu, D Devegowda, R Sigal, A Striolo, A Phan, TA Ho
Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 20-22 …, 2015
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