Lawrence Carin
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Bayesian compressive sensing
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Sparse multinomial logistic regression: Fast algorithms and generalization bounds
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Digital technology and COVID-19
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Multi-task learning for classification with dirichlet process priors.
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Variational autoencoder for deep learning of images, labels and captions
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Multitask compressive sensing
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Probabilistic topic models
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Gene expression signatures diagnose influenza and other symptomatic respiratory viral infections in humans
AK Zaas, M Chen, J Varkey, T Veldman, AO Hero III, J Lucas, Y Huang, ...
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Semantic compositional networks for visual captioning
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An integrated clinico-metabolomic model improves prediction of death in sepsis
RJ Langley, EL Tsalik, JC Van Velkinburgh, SW Glickman, BJ Rice, ...
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Non-Parametric Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Sparse Image Representations.
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Bayesian robust principal component analysis
X Ding, L He, L Carin
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Adversarial feature matching for text generation
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Baseline needs more love: On simple word-embedding-based models and associated pooling mechanisms
D Shen, G Wang, W Wang, MR Min, Q Su, Y Zhang, C Li, R Henao, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.09843, 2018
Beta-negative binomial process and Poisson factor analysis
M Zhou, L Hannah, D Dunson, L Carin
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 1462-1471, 2012
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