Denis Roy
Denis Roy
Department of Natural Reseource Sciences, McGill University
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Speciation reversal and biodiversity dynamics with hybridization in changing environments
OLE Seehausen, G Takimoto, D Roy, J Jokela
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Eutrophication causes speciation reversal in whitefish adaptive radiations
P Vonlanthen, D Bittner, AG Hudson, KA Young, R Müller, ...
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High connectivity among habitats precludes the relationship between dispersal and range size in tropical reef fishes
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A review of ecological impacts of global climate change on persistent organic pollutant and mercury pathways and exposures in arctic marine ecosystems
MA McKinney, P Sara, D Rune, C Sonne, T Fisk, Aaron, D Roy, ...
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D Roy, G Paterson, PB Hamilton, DD Heath, GD Haffner
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Hybrid ‘superswarm’leads to rapid divergence and establishment of populations during a biological invasion
D Roy, K Lucek, RP Walter, O Seehausen
Molecular Ecology 24 (21), 5394-5411, 2015
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D Roy, TR Hurlbut, DE Ruzzante
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Genetic and morphological data supporting the hypothesis of adaptive radiation in the endemic fish of Lake Matano
D Roy, MF Docker, P Hehanussa, DD Heath, GD Haffner
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Estimating fish production potentials using a temporally explicit model
D Roy, GD Haffner, SB Brandt
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Evidence of small-scale vicariance in Caridina lanceolata (Decapoda: Atyidae) from the Malili Lakes, Sulawesi
D Roy, DW Kelly, CHJM Fransen, DD Heath, GD Haffner
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Body shape vs. colour associated initial divergence in the Telmatherina radiation in Lake Matano, Sulawesi, Indonesia
D Roy, MF Docker, GD Haffner, DD Heath
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Origins of the Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus): Impacts of ice‐olation and introgression
RP Walter, D Roy, NE Hussey, B Stelbrink, KM Kovacs, C Lydersen, ...
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Sexual dimorphism dominates divergent host plant use in stick insect trophic morphology
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Correlating shape variation with feeding performance to test for adaptive divergence in recently invading stickleback populations from Swiss peri-alpine environments
D Roy, K Lucek, E Bühler, O Seehausen
Morphometrics for Nonmorphometricians, 233-257, 2010
Development and design of five multi-locus microsatellite PCR panels for population genetic surveys of white hake (Urophycis tenuis) in the Northwest Atlantic
D Roy, IG Paterson, TR Hurlbut, DE Ruzzante
Conservation Genetics Resources 2 (1), 45-49, 2010
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