Daegi Kim, Ph.D. (Professor)
Daegi Kim, Ph.D. (Professor)
Dep. Environmental Engineering, Daegu University
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Hydrothermal carbonization of anaerobically digested sludge for solid fuel production and energy recovery
D Kim, K Lee, KY Park
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Upgrading the characteristics of biochar from cellulose, lignin, and xylan for solid biofuel production from biomass by hydrothermal carbonization
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Investigation of the combustion characteristics of municipal solid wastes and their hydrothermally treated products via thermogravimetric analysis
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Use of concentrate water from seawater desalination plant as magnesium sources for struvite formation by using anaerobically digested effluent of swine wastewater
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Characteristics of vegetable crop cultivation and nutrient releasing with struvite as a slow-release fertilizer
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Enhancement of biogas production from anaerobic digestion of Chlorella vulgaris biomass with ultrasonic pretreatment.
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