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The gem5 simulator
N Binkert, B Beckmann, G Black, SK Reinhardt, A Saidi, A Basu, ...
ACM SIGARCH computer architecture news 39 (2), 1-7, 2011
The M5 simulator: Modeling networked systems
NL Binkert, RG Dreslinski, LR Hsu, KT Lim, AG Saidi, SK Reinhardt
Ieee micro 26 (4), 52-60, 2006
Corona: System implications of emerging nanophotonic technology
D Vantrease, R Schreiber, M Monchiero, M McLaren, NP Jouppi, ...
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 36 (3), 153-164, 2008
Asim: A performance model framework
J Emer, P Ahuja, E Borch, A Klauser, CK Luk, S Manne, SS Mukherjee, ...
Computer 35 (2), 68-76, 2002
HyperX: topology, routing, and packaging of efficient large-scale networks
JH Ahn, N Binkert, A Davis, M McLaren, RS Schreiber
Proceedings of the Conference on High Performance Computing Networking …, 2009
PicoServer: using 3D stacking technology to enable a compact energy efficient chip multiprocessor
T Kgil, S D'Souza, A Saidi, N Binkert, R Dreslinski, T Mudge, S Reinhardt, ...
Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Architectural support …, 2006
Network-oriented full-system simulation using M5
NL Binkert, EG Hallnor, SK Reinhardt
Sixth Workshop on Computer Architecture Evaluation using Commercial …, 2003
Devices and architectures for photonic chip-scale integration
J Ahn, M Fiorentino, RG Beausoleil, N Binkert, A Davis, D Fattal, ...
Applied Physics A 95 (4), 989-997, 2009
Scalable analysis platform for semi-structured data
BA Sowell, NA Binkert, S Harizopoulos, MA Shah, D Tsirogiannis
US Patent 8,732,213, 2014
Light speed arbitration and flow control for nanophotonic interconnects
D Vantrease, N Binkert, R Schreiber, MH Lipasti
2009 42nd Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture …, 2009
Using asymmetric single-ISA CMPs to save energy on operating systems
JC Mogul, J Mudigonda, N Binkert, P Ranganathan, V Talwar
IEEE micro 28 (3), 26-41, 2008
A nanophotonic interconnect for high-performance many-core computation
RG Beausoleil, J Ahn, N Binkert, A Davis, D Fattal, M Fiorentino, ...
2008 16th IEEE Symposium on High Performance Interconnects, 182-189, 2008
A scalable instruction queue design using dependence chains
SE Raasch, NL Binkert, SK Reinhardt
Proceedings 29th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture …, 2002
Consistent, durable, and safe memory management for byte-addressable non volatile main memory
I Moraru, DG Andersen, M Kaminsky, N Tolia, P Ranganathan, N Binkert
Proceedings of the First ACM SIGOPS Conference on Timely Results in …, 2013
Scalable analysis platform for semi-structured data
D Tsirogiannis, NA Binkert, S Harizopoulos, MA Shah, B Sowell, ...
US Patent 9,613,068, 2017
The role of optics in future high radix switch design
N Binkert, A Davis, NP Jouppi, M McLaren, N Muralimanohar, R Schreiber, ...
Proceedings of the 38th annual international symposium on Computer …, 2011
Performance validation of network-intensive workloads on a full-system simulator
AG Saidi, NL Binkert, LR Hsu, SK Reinhardt
Interaction between Operating System and Computer Architecture Workshop …, 2005
Three-dimensional memory module architectures
M Mclaren, JH Ahn, AL Davis, NL Binkert, NP Jouppi
US Patent 8,059,443, 2011
Integrated network interfaces for high-bandwidth TCP/IP
NL Binkert, AG Saidi, SK Reinhardt
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 34 (5), 315-324, 2006
Three-dimensional die stacks with inter-device and intra-device optical interconnect
N Binkert, N Jouppi, A Davis, R Beausoleil
US Patent 8,064,739, 2011
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