Ho Yong Um
Ho Yong Um
Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai Steel
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Exceptional phase-transformation strengthening of ferrous medium-entropy alloys at cryogenic temperatures
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The possibility of enhanced hydrogen embrittlement resistance of medium-Mn steels by addition of micro-alloying elements
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Mechanical and biological behavior of ultrafine-grained Ti alloy aneurysm clip processed using high-pressure torsion
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Circumferential shear strain in torsion-based severe plastic deformation
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Quantitative study on yield point phenomenon of low carbon steels processed by compact endless casting and rolling
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Effect of Homogenization Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Property Evolutions of As-Cast Al–Cu Alloy during High-Pressure Torsion
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Localized torsional severe plastic deformation method for conical tube metals
S Lee, SH Yang, P Lee-Ju, KIM Hak-Jun, HS Kim, LEE See-Am, HY Um
US Patent 10,661,335, 2020
HC-HPT 및 CEM 공정으로 제작된 금속 소재의 기계적 성질 분석
포항공과대학교, 2017
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