jyoti prakash
jyoti prakash
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre/Arizona State University/Fulbright Scholar
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Intelligent coatings for corrosion control
A Tiwari, L Hihara, J Rawlins
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2014
Is the H2 economy realizable in the foreseeable future? Part I: H2 production methods
H Nazir, C Louis, S Jose, J Prakash, N Muthuswamy, MEM Buan, C Flox, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (27), 13777-13788, 2020
Effects of the molecular level dispersion of graphene oxide on the free volume characteristics of poly (vinyl alcohol) and its impact on the thermal and mechanical properties …
SK Sharma, J Prakash, PK Pujari
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (43), 29201-29209, 2015
Chemistry of one dimensional silicon carbide materials: principle, production, application and future prospects
J Prakash, R Venugopalan, BM Tripathi, SK Ghosh, JK Chakravartty, ...
Progress in Solid State Chemistry, doi:10.1016/j.progsolidstchem.20, 2015
Structure at interphase of poly (vinyl alcohol)–SiC nanofiber composite and its impact on mechanical properties: positron annihilation and small-angle X-ray scattering studies
SK Sharma, J Prakash, K Sudarshan, D Sen, S Mazumder, PK Pujari
Macromolecules 48 (16), 5706-5713, 2015
Is the H2 economy realizable in the foreseeable future? Part III: H2 usage technologies, applications, and challenges and opportunities
H Nazir, N Muthuswamy, C Louis, S Jose, J Prakash, MEM Buan, C Flox, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy, 2020
Investigation of nanolevel molecular packing and its role in thermo-mechanical properties of PVA–f MWCNT composites: positron annihilation and small angle X-ray scattering studies
SK Sharma, J Prakash, J Bahadur, K Sudarshan, P Maheshwari, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (4), 1399-1408, 2014
Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting with Er- and W-Codoped Bismuth Vanadate with WO3 Heterojunction-Based Two-Dimensional Photoelectrode
U Prasad, J Prakash, SK Gupta, J Zuniga, Y Mao, B Azeredo, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (21), 19029-19039, 2019
Effect of graphene nano-platelet reinforcement on the mechanical properties of hot pressed boron carbide based composite
R Alexander, TSRC Murthy, KV Ravikanth, J Prakash, T Mahata, ...
Ceramics International 44 (8), 9830-9838, 2018
Formation and characterization of uniform SiC coating on 3-D graphite substrate using halide activated pack cementation method
B Paul, J Prakash, PS Sarkar
Surface and Coatings Technology 282, 61-67, 2015
Is the H2 economy realizable in the foreseeable future? Part II: H2 storage, transportation, and distribution
H Nazir, N Muthuswamy, C Louis, S Jose, J Prakash, ME Buan, C Flox, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (41), 20693-20708, 2020
Effect of interfacial interaction on free volumes in phenol-formaldehyde resin–carbon nanotube composites: positron annihilation lifetime and age momentum correlation studies
SK Sharma, J Prakash, K Sudarshan, P Maheshwari, D Sathiyamoorthy, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (31), 10972-10978, 2012
Off-grid solar thermal water heating system using phase-change materials: design, integration and real environment investigation
J Prakash, D Roan, W Tauqir, H Nazir, M Ali, A Kannan
Applied energy 240, 73-83, 2019
Photoelectrochemical Solar Water Splitting: The Role of the Carbon Nanomaterials in Bismuth Vanadate Composite Photoanodes toward Efficient Charge Separation and Transport
J Prakash, U Prasad, R Alexander, J Bahadur, K Dasgupta, ANM Kannan
Langmuir 35 (45), 14492-14504, 2019
Stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric tungsten doping effect in bismuth vanadate based photoactive material for photoelectrochemical water splitting
U Prasad, J Prakash, B Azeredo, A Kannan
Electrochimica Acta 299, 262-272, 2019
Silicon-based nanomaterials
H Li, J Wu, ZM Wang
Springer Science & Business Media, 2013
A new approach to fabricate SiC nanowire-embedded dense SiC matrix/carbon fiber composite
J Prakash, K Dasgupta, BM Tripathi, J Bahadur, SK Ghosh, ...
Journal of Materials Science 49 (19), 6784-6792, 2014
Role of SiC nanowire coating on oxidation behavior of carbon fibers: Kinetic and thermodynamic study
J Prakash, K Dasgupta, B Kumar, SK Ghosh, JK Chakravartty
Surface & Coatings Technology 259 (C), 637–646, 2014
Study of thermal degradation behavior of dense and nanostructured silicon carbide coated carbon fibers in oxidative environments
J Prakash, R Venugopalan, B Paul, J Bahadur, SK Ghosh, ...
Corrosion science 67, 142-151, 2013
Photoelectrochemical water splitting using lithium doped bismuth vanadate photoanode with near-complete bulk charge separation
J Prakash, U Prasad, X Shi, X Peng, B Azeredo, AM Kannan
Journal of Power Sources 448, 227418, 2020
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