Jihwan Park
Jihwan Park
Korea Electronics Recycling Cooperative
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Development of early-warning protocol for predicting chlorophyll-a concentration using machine learning models in freshwater and estuarine reservoirs, Korea
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Science of the Total Environment 502, 31-41, 2015
Overview and Recent Development of Recycling Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
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Case study in Korea of manufacturing SRF for polyurethanes recycling in e-wastes
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Analysis on public perception, user-satisfaction, and publicity for WEEE collecting system in South Korea: A case study for Door-to-Door Service
J Park, C Ahn, K Lee, W Choi, HT Song, SO Choi, SW Han
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 144, 90-99, 2019
Greenhouse gas emission offsetting by refrigerant recovery from WEEE: A case study on a WEEE recycling plant in Korea
J Park, I Jung, W Choi, SO Choi, SW Han
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 142, 167-176, 2019
산재근로자의 사회적 관계 요인과 직장복귀에 관한 연구
김수동, 박지환, 최상옥
한국인사행정학회보 18 (2), 67-93, 2019
Evaluation of Recycling Resources in Discarded Information and Communication Technology Devices (Smartphones, Laptop computers)
JP Seungsoo Park, Minuk Jung, Seongmin Kim, Seongsoo Han, Insang Jung ...
Journal of Korean Inst. of Resources Recycling 27 (3), 16-29, 2018
Recycling processing system for waste household electrical appliances
MK Won Hee Choi, Jihwan Park, Insang Jeong
KR Patent App. 10-2017-0,088,595, 2017
Recycling system for refrigerator and washing machine
K Won Hee, Choi, Ji Hwan, Park, In Sang, Jeong, Sung Chul, Kim, Sung Hoon ...
KR Patent App. 10-2017-0,067,976, 2017
Developing statistical models for estimating chlorophyll-a and total suspended solid levels at an estuarine reservoir with nutrient inputs from satellite observations
SJ Ki, J Park, Y Park, DJ Jeon, JH Kim
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (57), 27587-27600, 2016
Centrifugation type dehydrator for crushed material
J Young Yen, Kim, Sung Jin, Kim, Jeong Yeol, Je, Park Yi Cheol, Eun Ho, Jung ...
KR Patent 10-1,838,263, 2016
Manufacturing method for recycled PC-ABS recycled PC-ABS using the method
J Young Yen, Kim, Sung Jin, Kim, Jeong Yeol, Je, Eun Ho, Jung, Seok Ho, Park ...
KR Patent App. ???????10-2016-0,090,676, 2016
Apparatus for separating drive shaft bearing housing assembly from inner bucket of washing machine
JIS Lee CE, Choi WH, Park JH
KR Patent 10-17,378,550,000, 2015
Apparatus for forming pellet
JIS Lee CE, Choi WH, Park JH
KR Patent 10-1,722,843, 2015
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