Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen
NASA Ames Research Center
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Flight dynamics and hybrid adaptive control of damaged aircraft
N Nguyen, K Krishnakumar, J Kaneshige, P Nespeca
Journal of guidance, control, and dynamics 31 (3), 751-764, 2008
An optimal control modification to model-reference adaptive control for fast adaptation
N Nguyen, K Krishnakumar, J Boskovic
AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and Exhibit, 7283, 2008
Dynamics and adaptive control for stability recovery of damaged asymmetric aircraft
N Nguyen, K Krishnakumar, J Kaneshige, P Nespeca
AIAA Guidance, navigation, and control Conference and Exhibit, 6049, 2006
Multiple-model adaptive fault-tolerant control of a planetary lander
JD Boskovic, JA Jackson, RK Mehra, NT Nguyen
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 32 (6), 1812-1826, 2009
Design of neural network-based estimator for tool wear modeling in hard turning
X Wang, W Wang, Y Huang, N Nguyen, K Krishnakumar
Journal of intelligent manufacturing 19 (4), 383-396, 2008
Model-reference adaptive control
NT Nguyen
Model-Reference Adaptive Control, 83-123, 2018
A mission adaptive variable camber flap control system to optimize high lift and cruise lift to drag ratios of future n+ 3 transport aircraft
J Urnes, N Nguyen
51st AIAA aerospace sciences meeting including the new horizons forum and …, 2013
Aeroelastic modeling of elastically shaped aircraft concept via wing shaping control for drag reduction
N Nguyen, J Urnes
AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, 4642, 2012
A set-theoretic model reference adaptive control architecture for disturbance rejection and uncertainty suppression with strict performance guarantees
E Arabi, BC Gruenwald, T Yucelen, NT Nguyen
International Journal of Control 91 (5), 1195-1208, 2018
Optimal control modification for robust adaptive control with large adaptive gain
NT Nguyen
Systems & Control Letters 61 (4), 485-494, 2012
Drag optimization study of variable camber continuous trailing edge flap (VCCTEF) using OVERFLOW
UK Kaul, NT Nguyen
32nd AIAA applied aerodynamics conference, 2444, 2014
Elastically shaped future air vehicle concept
N Nguyen
NASA Innovation Fund Award, 2010
Blading system and method for controlling structural vibrations
N Nguyen
US Patent 6,102,664, 2000
Elastically shaped wing optimization and aircraft concept for improved cruise efficiency
N Nguyen, K Trinh, K Reynolds, J Kless, M Aftosmis, J Urnes
51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Including the New Horizons Forum and …, 2013
Development of variable camber continuous trailing edge flap for performance adaptive aeroelastic wing
N Nguyen, S Lebofsky, E Ting, U Kaul, D Chaparro, J Urnes
SAE Technical Paper, 2015
Flight dynamics of flexible aircraft with aeroelastic and inertial force interactions
N Nguyen, I Tuzcu
AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, 6045, 2009
Hybrid intelligent flight control with adaptive learning parameter estimation
N Nguyen, K Krishnakumar
Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication 6 (3), 171-186, 2009
Antitumor activity of a systemic STING-activating non-nucleotide cGAMP mimetic
EN Chin, C Yu, VF Vartabedian, Y Jia, M Kumar, AM Gamo, W Vernier, ...
Science 369 (6506), 993-999, 2020
Hybrid adaptive flight control with bounded linear stability analysis
N Nguyen, M Bakhtiari-Nejad, Y Huang
AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and Exhibit, 6422, 2007
Adaptive flight control design with optimal control modification for F-18 aircraft model
J Burken, N Nguyen, B Griffin
AIAA Infotech@ Aerospace 2010, 3364, 2010
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