Vinicio Carraro
Vinicio Carraro
MSc in Forest Sciences, Research technician at the University of Padua
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Evidence of threshold temperatures for xylogenesis in conifers at high altitudes
S Rossi, A Deslauriers, T Anfodillo, V Carraro
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Tree water relations and climatic variations at the alpine timberline: seasonal changes of sap flux and xylem water potential in Larix decidua Miller, Picea abies (L.) Karst …
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Managing drought-sensitive forests under global change. Low competition enhances long-term growth and water uptake in Abies pinsapo
LJC Lechuga V, Carraro V, Viñegla B, Carreira JA
Impact of climate trends and drought events on the growth of oaks (Quercus robur L. and Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) within and beyond their natural range
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Girdling of fruit-bearing branches of Corylus avellana reduces seed mass while defoliation does not
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Realizzazione di un sistema di calcolo e di spazializzazione dell’indice canadese di pericolo d’incendio boschivo FWI (Fire Weather Index) per la Regione Veneto
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Risposte ecofisiologiche di Pinus leucodermis ad alta quota in ambiente mediterraneo
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Ecophysiological responses of Pinus leucodermis at high elevation in the Mediterranean area
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Effetti della temperatura e del fotoperiodo sulla xilogenesi al limite superiore del bosco
S Rossi, A Deslauriers, T Anfodillo, V Carraro, M Carrer, C Urbinati, ...
L'Italia Forestale e Montana 62 (2), 81-97, 2007
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