HariGovind Ramasamy
HariGovind Ramasamy
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Assisting server migration
EJ Barkie, IIJRS Barros, K Bhattacharya, K Cheng, R Filepp, KD Galloway, ...
US Patent 8,850,423, 2014
Towards automated provisioning of secure virtualized networks
S Cabuk, CI Dalton, HG Ramasamy, M Schunter
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Adding scalability and fault tolerance to generic finite state machine frameworks for use in automated incident management of cloud computing infrastructures
MM Behrendt, RA Hosn, R Mahindru, HV Ramasamy, S Sarkar, ...
US Patent 8,560,887, 2013
Enhancing grid security using trusted virtualization
H Löhr, HGV Ramasamy, AR Sadeghi, S Schulz, M Schunter, C Stüble
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Quantifying the cost of providing intrusion tolerance in group communication systems
HGV Ramasamy, P Pandey, J Lyons, M Cukier, WH Sanders
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Automating network reconfiguration during migrations
K Bhattacharya, B Pfitzmann, NA Joukov, HV Ramasamy
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Dependability and performance evaluation of intrusion-tolerant server architectures
V Gupta, V Lam, HGV Ramasamy, WH Sanders, S Singh
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An open trusted computing architecture—secure virtual machines enabling user-defined policy enforcement
D Kuhlmann, R Landfermann, H Ramasamy, M Schunter, G Ramunno, ...
Web Page: http://www. opentc. net/activities/otc_HighLevelOvervi ew …, 2006
Remediating resource overload
SA Baset, RA Hosn, R Mahindru, HV Ramasamy, S Sarkar, C Tang, ...
US Patent 8,839,243, 2014
Architecting dependable systems using virtualization
HGV Ramasamy, M Schunter
Workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems, 2007
Parsimonious asynchronous byzantine-fault-tolerant atomic broadcast
HGV Ramasamy, C Cachin
International Conference On Principles Of Distributed Systems, 88-102, 2005
Intrusion tolerance approaches in ITUA
M Cukier, J Lyons, P Pandey, HGV Ramasamy, WH Sanders, P Pal, ...
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Towards automated security policy enforcement in multi-tenant virtual data centers
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Architecting dependable and secure systems using virtualization
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Security-aware resource allocation in clouds
S Al-Haj, E Al-Shaer, HGV Ramasamy
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An architecture for adaptive intrusion‐tolerant applications
P Pal, P Rubel, M Atighetchi, F Webber, WH Sanders, M Seri, ...
Software: Practice and Experience 36 (11‐12), 1331-1354, 2006
Dynamic model-based analysis of data centers
Y Deng, RA Hosn, R Mahindru, HV Ramasamy, S Sarkar
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Providing intrusion tolerance with itua
M Cukier, T Courtney, J Lyons, HV Ramasamy, WH Sanders, M Seri, ...
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Providing intrusion tolerance with ITUA
T Courtney, J Lyons, HGV Ramasamy, WH Sanders, M Seri, M Atighetchi, ...
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Application-storage discovery
N Joukov, B Pfitzmann, HGV Ramasamy, MV Devarakonda
Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Haifa Experimental Systems Conference, 1-14, 2010
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