Hyun-Kon Song
Hyun-Kon Song
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Who will drive electric vehicles, olivine or spinel?
OK Park, Y Cho, S Lee, HC Yoo, HK Song, J Cho
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (5), 1621-1633, 2011
The current move of lithium ion batteries towards the next phase
TH Kim, JS Park, SK Chang, S Choi, JH Ryu, HK Song
Advanced Energy Materials 2 (7), 860-872, 2012
Facile route to an efficient NiO supercapacitor with a three-dimensional nanonetwork morphology
SI Kim, JS Lee, HJ Ahn, HK Song, JH Jang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (5), 1596-1603, 2013
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of porous electrodes: the effect of pore size distribution
HK Song, YH Jung, KH Lee, LH Dao
Electrochimica Acta 44 (20), 3513-3519, 1999
The effect of pore size distribution on the frequency dispersion of porous electrodes
HK Song, HY Hwang, KH Lee, LH Dao
Electrochimica Acta 45 (14), 2241-2257, 2000
Carbon‐Coated Single‐Crystal LiMn2O4 Nanoparticle Clusters as Cathode Material for High‐Energy and High‐Power Lithium‐Ion Batteries
S Lee, Y Cho, HK Song, KT Lee, J Cho
Angewandte Chemie 124 (35), 8878-8882, 2012
Recent progress in nanostructured cathode materials for lithium secondary batteries
HK Song, KT Lee, MG Kim, LF Nazar, J Cho
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (22), 3818-3834, 2010
Redox‐active polypyrrole: toward polymer‐based batteries
HK Song, GTR Palmore
Advanced Materials 18 (13), 1764-1768, 2006
Scalable approach to multi-dimensional bulk Si anodes via metal-assisted chemical etching
BM Bang, H Kim, HK Song, J Cho, S Park
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (12), 5013-5019, 2011
Ionic liquid modified graphene nanosheets anchoring manganese oxide nanoparticles as efficient electrocatalysts for Zn–air batteries
JS Lee, T Lee, HK Song, J Cho, BS Kim
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (10), 4148-4154, 2011
A polymer electrolyte-skinned active material strategy toward high-voltage lithium ion batteries: a polyimide-coated LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 spinel cathode material case
JH Cho, JH Park, MH Lee, HK Song, SY Lee
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (5), 7124-7131, 2012
Micropatterns of positive guidance cues anchored to polypyrrole doped with polyglutamic acid: a new platform for characterizing neurite extension in complex environments
HK Song, B Toste, K Ahmann, D Hoffman-Kim, GTR Palmore
Biomaterials 27 (3), 473-484, 2006
Hybrid multilayer thin film supercapacitor of graphene nanosheets with polyaniline: importance of establishing intimate electronic contact through nanoscale blending
T Lee, T Yun, B Park, B Sharma, HK Song, BS Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (39), 21092-21099, 2012
A hollow sphere secondary structure of LiFePO 4 nanoparticles
MH Lee, JY Kim, HK Song
Chemical Communications 46 (36), 6795-6797, 2010
Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in silica-expanded graphite composite blocks for adsorption heat pumps: Part I. Characterization of the composite blocks
TH Eun, HK Song, JH Han, KH Lee, JN Kim
International journal of refrigeration 23 (1), 64-73, 2000
Electronegativity-induced enhancement of thermal stability by succinonitrile as an additive for Li ion batteries
YS Kim, TH Kim, H Lee, HK Song
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (10), 4038-4045, 2011
High-performance silicon-based multicomponent battery anodes produced via synergistic coupling of multifunctional coating layers
JI Lee, Y Ko, M Shin, HK Song, NS Choi, MG Kim, S Park
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (7), 2075-2084, 2015
Carambola-shaped VO 2 nanostructures: a binder-free air electrode for an aqueous Na–air battery
Z Khan, B Senthilkumar, SO Park, S Park, J Yang, JH Lee, HK Song, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (5), 2037-2044, 2017
Conductive polypyrrole via enzyme catalysis
HK Song, GTR Palmore
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (41), 19278-19287, 2005
Redox-active charge carriers of conducting polymers as a tuner of conductivity and its potential window
HS Park, SJ Ko, JS Park, JY Kim, HK Song
Scientific reports 3, 2454, 2013
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