Timothy I. Brox
Timothy I. Brox
Viclink, Victoria University of Wellington
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Expression and characterization of an ice binding protein from a bacterium isolated at a depth of 3,519 meters in the Vostok ice core, Antarctica
AM Achberger, TI Brox, ML Skidmore, BC Christner
Frontiers in microbiology 2, 255, 2011
Recrystallization inhibition in ice due to ice binding protein activity detected by nuclear magnetic resonance
JR Brown, JD Seymour, TI Brox, ML Skidmore, C Wang, BC Christner, ...
Biotechnology Reports 3, 60-64, 2014
Magnetic resonance diffusion and relaxation characterization of water in the unfrozen vein network in polycrystalline ice and its response to microbial metabolic products
JR Brown, TI Brox, SJ Vogt, JD Seymour, ML Skidmore, SL Codd
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 225, 17-24, 2012
Magnetic resonance measurements of flow-path enhancement during supercritical CO2 injection in sandstone and carbonate rock cores
SJ Vogt, CA Shaw, JE Maneval, TI Brox, ML Skidmore, SL Codd, ...
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 122, 507-514, 2014
Observations of the influence of Taylor-Couette geometry on the onset of shear-banding in surfactant wormlike micelles
TI Brox, B Douglass, P Galvosas, JR Brown
Journal of Rheology 60 (5), 973-982, 2016
In situ determination of surface relaxivities for unconsolidated sediments
M Duschl, P Galvosas, TI Brox, A Pohlmeier, H Vereecken
Water resources research 51 (8), 6549-6563, 2015
Rheo-NMR of transient and steady state shear banding under shear startup
RN Al-kaby, JS Jayaratne, TI Brox, SL Codd, JD Seymour, JR Brown
Journal of Rheology 62 (5), 1125-1134, 2018
Anomalous shear banding revisited with Rheo-NMR and Rheo-USV
S Kuczera, C Perge, MA Fardin, TI Brox, MAK Williams, S Manneville, ...
Rheologica Acta 54 (7), 619-636, 2015
Characterizing the internal structure of laboratory ice samples with nuclear magnetic resonance
TI Brox, ML Skidmore, JR Brown
Journal of Glaciology 61 (225), 55-64, 2015
Rheo‐NMR in food science—Recent opportunities
P Galvosas, TI Brox, S Kuczera
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 57 (9), 757-765, 2019
Effect of magnetic pore surface coating on the NMR relaxation and diffusion signal in quartz sand
M Duschl, A Pohlmeier, TI Brox, P Galvosas, H Vereecken
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 54 (12), 975-984, 2016
Measurements of the velocity distribution for granular flow in a Couette cell
HT Fabich, TI Brox, D Clarke, JD Seymour, SL Codd, P Galvosas, J Brown, ...
Physical Review E 98 (6), 062901, 2018
Multilamellar Vesicle Formation Probed by Rheo-NMR and Rheo-SALS under Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear
S Kuczera, L Gentile, TI Brox, U Olsson, C Schmidt, P Galvosas
Langmuir 34 (28), 8314-8325, 2018
Rheological measurement device with torque sensor
TI Brox, P Galvosas
US Patent App. 14/915,110, 2016
New methods for studying materials under shear with nuclear magnetic resonance
TI Brox
Victoria University of Wellington, 2016
On the influence of rotational motion on MRI velocimetry of granular flows–Theoretical predictions and comparison to experimental data
DA Clarke, HT Fabich, TI Brox, P Galvosas, DJ Holland
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 307, 106569, 2019
Measurement of Rotational Motion in Granular Couette Flow Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
DA Clarke, HT Fabich, TI Brox, P Galvosas, DJ Holland
8th World Congress on Particle Technology, 2018
Rheological measurement devices
TI Brox, P Galvosas
US Patent App. 14/915,123, 2016
Investigating the Impact of Biological Impurities on the Liquid Vein Network in Polycrystalline Ice Using Magnetic Resonance Techniques
TI Brox, SJ Vogt, JR Brown, ML Skidmore, SL Codd, JD Seymour
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2011, B51G-0477, 2011
Expression and Characterization of an Ice Binding Protein from a Bacterium Isolated at a Depth of 3,519 Meters in the Vostok Ice Core, Antarctica
BC Christner, A Achberger, TI Brox, ML Skidmore
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2011, B51K-0565, 2011
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