Arda Kotikian
Arda Kotikian
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Instrumented cardiac microphysiological devices via multimaterial three-dimensional printing
JU Lind, TA Busbee, AD Valentine, FS Pasqualini, H Yuan, M Yadid, ...
Nature materials 16 (3), 303-308, 2017
Hybrid 3D printing of soft electronics
AD Valentine, TA Busbee, JW Boley, JR Raney, A Chortos, A Kotikian, ...
advanced Materials 29 (40), 1703817, 2017
3D printing of liquid crystal elastomeric actuators with spatially programed nematic order
A Kotikian, RL Truby, JW Boley, TJ White, JA Lewis
Advanced Materials 30 (10), 1706164, 2018
Shape-shifting structured lattices via multimaterial 4D printing
JW Boley, WM van Rees, C Lissandrello, MN Horenstein, RL Truby, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (42), 20856-20862, 2019
Untethered soft robotic matter with passive control of shape morphing and propulsion
A Kotikian, C McMahan, EC Davidson, JM Muhammad, RD Weeks, ...
Science Robotics 4 (33), 2019
3D printable and reconfigurable liquid crystal elastomers with light‐induced shape memory via dynamic bond exchange
EC Davidson, A Kotikian, S Li, J Aizenberg, JA Lewis
Advanced Materials 32 (1), 1905682, 2020
A micromechanical-based model of stimulus responsive liquid crystal elastomers
R Brighenti, CG McMahan, MP Cosma, A Kotikian, JA Lewis, C Daraio
International Journal of Solids and Structures 219, 92-105, 2021
Actuators: 3D Printing of Liquid Crystal Elastomeric Actuators with Spatially Programed Nematic Order (Adv. Mater. 10/2018)
A Kotikian, RL Truby, JW Boley, TJ White, JA Lewis
Advanced Materials 30 (10), 1870063, 2018
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