Fernando Corfu
Fernando Corfu
Department of Geosciences and CEED, Univeristy of Oslo
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Three natural zircon standards for U‐Th‐Pb, Lu‐Hf, trace element and REE analyses
M Wiedenbeck, P Alle, F Corfu, WL Griffin, M Meier, F Oberli, A Quadt, ...
Geostandards newsletter 19 (1), 1-23, 1995
Atlas of zircon textures
F Corfu, JM Hanchar, PWO Hoskin, P Kinny
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 53 (1), 469-500, 2003
Zircon M257‐a homogeneous natural reference material for the ion microprobe U‐Pb analysis of zircon
L Nasdala, W Hofmeister, N Norberg, JM Martinson, F Corfu, W Dörr, ...
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 32 (3), 247-265, 2008
Siberian gas venting and the end-Permian environmental crisis
H Svensen, S Planke, AG Polozov, N Schmidbauer, F Corfu, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 277 (3-4), 490-500, 2009
Precise U-Pb zircon and baddeleyite ages for the Sudbury area
TE Krogh, DW Davis, F Corfu, EG Pye
The geology and ore deposits of the Sudbury structure 1, 431-446, 1984
Hydrothermal venting of greenhouse gases triggering Early Jurassic global warming
H Svensen, S Planke, L Chevallier, A Malthe-Sørenssen, F Corfu, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 256 (3-4), 554-566, 2007
U-Pb ages from SW Poland: evidence for a Caledonian suture zone between Baltica and Gondwana
GJH Oliver, F Corfu, TE Krogh
Journal of the Geological Society 150 (2), 355-369, 1993
Evolution of the southern Abitibi greenstone belt based on U–Pb geochronology: autochthonous volcanic construction followed by plutonism, regional deformation and sedimentation
J Ayer, Y Amelin, F Corfu, S Kamo, J Ketchum, K Kwok, N Trowell
Precambrian Research 115 (1-4), 63-95, 2002
Measurement of SIMS instrumental mass fractionation of Pb isotopes during zircon dating
RA Stern, S Bodorkos, SL Kamo, AH Hickman, F Corfu
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 33 (2), 145-168, 2009
Rapid magma emplacement in the Karoo large igneous province
H Svensen, F Corfu, S Polteau, Ø Hammer, S Planke
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 325, 1-9, 2012
U–Pb zircon geochronology in the southwestern Abitibi greenstone belt, Superior Province
F Corfu, TE Krogh, YY Kwok, LS Jensen
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 26 (9), 1747-1763, 1989
U–Pb age, setting and tectonic significance of the anorthosite–mangerite–charnockite–granite suite, Lofoten–Vesterålen, Norway
F Corfu
Journal of Petrology 45 (9), 1799-1819, 2004
Precise U–Pb isotopic ages of diabase dykes and mafic to ultramafic rocks using trace amounts of baddeleyite and zircon
TE Krogh, F Corfu, DW Davis, GR Dunning, LM Heaman, SL Kamo, ...
Mafic dyke swarms. Edited by HC Halls and WF Fahrig. Geological Association …, 1987
AU–Pb age for mineralized Nipissing diabase, Gowganda, Ontario
F Corfu, AJ Andrews
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 23 (1), 107-109, 1986
Genesis of the southern Abitibi greenstone belt, Superior Province, Canada: evidence from zircon Hf isotope analyses using a single filament technique
F Corfu, SR Noble
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 56 (5), 2081-2097, 1992
Neoarchean greenstone volcanism and continental growth, Dharwar craton, southern India: constraints from SIMS U–Pb zircon geochronology and Nd isotopes
M Jayananda, JJ Peucat, D Chardon, BK Rao, CM Fanning, F Corfu
Precambrian Research 227, 55-76, 2013
The evolution of the southern Abitibi greenstone belt in light of precise U-Pb geochronology
F Corfu
Economic Geology 88 (6), 1323-1340, 1993
Early Archean crust in Bastar Craton, Central India—a geochemical and isotopic study
G Sarkar, F Corfu, DK Paul, NJ McNaughton, SN Gupta, PK Bishui
Precambrian Research 62 (1-2), 127-137, 1993
U–Pb dating and emplacement history of granitoid plutons in the northern Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone, Iran
S Mahmoudi, F Corfu, F Masoudi, B Mehrabi, M Mohajjel
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 41 (3), 238-249, 2011
Uranium-lead zircon and titanite ages from the northern portion of the Western Gneiss Region, south-central Norway
RD Tucker, A Råheim, TE Krogh, F Corfu
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 81 (2-3), 203-211, 1987
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