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David A. Wood
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The application of a ThHfTa diagram to problems of tectonomagmatic classification and to establishing the nature of crustal contamination of basaltic lavas of the British …
DA Wood
Earth and planetary science letters 50 (1), 11-30, 1980
A re-appraisal of the use of trace elements to classify and discriminate between magma series erupted in different tectonic settings
DA Wood, JL Joron, M Treuil
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 45 (2), 326-336, 1979
Elemental and Sr isotope variations in basic lavas from Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor
DA Wood, JL Joron, M Treuil, M Norry, J Tarney
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A variably veined suboceanic upper mantle—genetic significance for mid-ocean ridge basalts from geochemical evidence
DA Wood
Geology 7 (10), 499-503, 1979
Gas-to-liquids (GTL): A review of an industry offering several routes for monetizing natural gas
DA Wood, C Nwaoha, BF Towler
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 9, 196-208, 2012
Geochemistry of basalts drilled in the North Atlantic by IPOD Leg 49: implications for mantle heterogeneity
DA Wood, J Tarney, J Varet, AD Saunders, H Bougault, JL Joron, M Treuil, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 42 (1), 77-97, 1979
Elemental mobility during zeolite facies metamorphism of the Tertiary basalts of eastern Iceland
DA Wood, IL Gibson, RN Thompson
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 55 (3), 241-254, 1976
Handbook of liquefied natural gas
S Mokhatab, JY Mak, JV Valappil, DA Wood
Gulf Professional Publishing, 2013
The state of natural gas
MJ Economides, DA Wood
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 1 (1-2), 1-13, 2009
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BL Weaver, DA Wood, J Tarney, JL Joron
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Ophiolites as ocean crust or marginal basin crust: a geochemical approach
AD Saunders, S AD, M NG, W DA
Major and trace element variations in the Tertiary lavas of eastern Iceland and their significance with respect to the Iceland geochemical anomaly
DA Wood
Journal of Petrology 19 (3), 393-436, 1978
Role of subducted sediment in the genesis of ocean-island basalts: Geochemical evidence from South Atlantic Ocean islands
BL Weaver, DA Wood, J Tarney, JL Joron
Geology 14 (4), 275-278, 1986
Geochemistry of igneous rocks recovered from a transect the Mariana trough, arc, forearc and trench, Sites 453 to 461, DSDP Lag 60
DA Wood
Init. Rep. Deep Sea Drill. Proj. 60, 611-645, 1981
Relationships between thermal maturity indices calculated using Arrhenius equation and Lopatin method: implications for petroleum exploration
DA Wood
AAPG bulletin 72 (2), 115-134, 1988
Geochemical aspects of back-arc spreading in the Scotia Sea and western Pacific
J Tarney, AD Saunders, DP Mattey, DA Wood, NG Marsh
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A …, 1981
Electrical conductivity models in saturated porous media: A review
J Cai, W Wei, X Hu, DA Wood
Earth-Science Reviews 171, 419-433, 2017
Dynamic partial melting: its application to the petrogeneses of basalts erupted in Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, the Isle of Skye (Scotland) and the Troodos Massif (Cyprus)
DA Wood
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 43 (7), 1031-1046, 1979
Nature of mantle heterogeneity in the North Atlantic: evidence from deep sea drilling
J Tarney, DA Wood, AD Saunders, JR Cann, J Varet
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A …, 1980
Identification and evaluation of well integrity and causes of failure of well integrity barriers (A review)
R Kiran, C Teodoriu, Y Dadmohammadi, R Nygaard, D Wood, M Mokhtari, ...
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 45, 511-526, 2017
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