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takeshi taniguchi
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Hot carrier–assisted intrinsic photoresponse in graphene
NM Gabor, JCW Song, Q Ma, NL Nair, T Taychatanapat, K Watanabe, ...
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Tunable phonon polaritons in atomically thin van der Waals crystals of boron nitride
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Boron nitride substrates for high mobility chemical vapor deposited graphene
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New films produced from microfibrillated natural fibres
T Taniguchi, K Okamura
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Resonantly hybridized excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructures
EM Alexeev, DA Ruiz-Tijerina, M Danovich, MJ Hamer, DJ Terry, ...
Nature 567 (7746), 81-86, 2019
The existence and exponential behavior of solutions to stochastic delay evolution equations with a fractional Brownian motion
T Caraballo, MJ Garrido-Atienza, T Taniguchi
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Revealed architectures of adsorbed polymer chains at solid-polymer melt interfaces
P Gin, N Jiang, C Liang, T Taniguchi, B Akgun, SK Satija, MK Endoh, ...
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Approaching the intrinsic photoluminescence linewidth in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers
OA Ajayi, JV Ardelean, GD Shepard, J Wang, A Antony, T Taniguchi, ...
2D Materials 4 (3), 031011, 2017
Acoustic terahertz graphene plasmons revealed by photocurrent nanoscopy
P Alonso-González, AY Nikitin, Y Gao, A Woessner, MB Lundeberg, ...
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Quantum oscillations of the critical current and high-field superconducting proximity in ballistic graphene
MB Shalom, MJ Zhu, VI Fal’Ko, A Mishchenko, AV Kretinin, KS Novoselov, ...
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Existence, uniqueness, and asymptotic behavior of mild solutions to stochastic functional differential equations in Hilbert spaces
T Taniguchi, K Liu, A Truman
Journal of Differential Equations 181 (1), 72-91, 2002
Hierarchy of Hofstadter states and replica quantum Hall ferromagnetism in graphene superlattices
GL Yu, RV Gorbachev, JS Tu, AV Kretinin, Y Cao, R Jalil, F Withers, ...
Nature physics 10 (7), 525-529, 2014
A highly potent 3200-dalton adrenal opioid peptide that contains both a [Met]-and [Leu] enkephalin sequence
DL Kilpatrick, T Taniguchi, BN Jones, AS Stern, JE Shively, J Hullihan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 78 (5), 3265-3268, 1981
Search for neutral particles in electron-beam-dump experiment
A Konaka, K Imai, H Kobayashi, A Masaike, K Miyake, T Nakamura, ...
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Successive approximations to solutions of stochastic differential equations
T Taniguchi
Journal of Differential Equations 96 (1), 152-169, 1992
Tunable strongly coupled superconductivity in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene
JM Park, Y Cao, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, P Jarillo-Herrero
Nature 590 (7845), 249-255, 2021
Chemical potential and quantum Hall ferromagnetism in bilayer graphene
K Lee, B Fallahazad, J Xue, DC Dillen, K Kim, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Science 345 (6192), 58-61, 2014
Self-consistent field theory of polyelectrolyte systems
Q Wang, T Taniguchi, GH Fredrickson
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (21), 6733-6744, 2004
Polarization switching and electrical control of interlayer excitons in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures
A Ciarrocchi, D Unuchek, A Avsar, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, A Kis
Nature photonics 13 (2), 131-136, 2019
Estrogen removal from treated municipal effluent in small-scale constructed wetland with different depth
HL Song, K Nakano, T Taniguchi, M Nomura, O Nishimura
Bioresource Technology 100 (12), 2945-2951, 2009
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