Boo-Hyoung Bang
Boo-Hyoung Bang
Ph.D of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University의 이메일 확인됨
Assessment of gas and liquid velocities induced by an impacting liquid drop
BH Bang, SS Yoon, HY Kim, SD Heister, H Park, SC James
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Simplified method for estimating the effect of a hydrogen explosion on a nearby pipeline
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Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 40, 112-116, 2016
Experimental and CFD analysis for prediction of vortex and swirl angle in the pump sump station model
CG Kim, BH Kim, BH Bang, YH Lee
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Theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigation of pressure rise due to deflagration in confined spaces
BH Bang, CS Ahn, JG Lee, YT Kim, MH Lee, B Horn, D Malik, K Thomas, ...
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Analytical and numerical assessments of local overpressure from hydrogen gas explosions in petrochemical plants
B Bang, H Park, J Kim, SS Al‐Deyab, AL Yarin, SS Yoon
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Breakup process of cylindrical viscous liquid specimens after a strong explosion in the core
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Theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigation of smoke dynamics in high-rise buildings
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Deflagration-to-detonation transition in pipes: The analytical theory
BH Bang, CS Ahn, YT Kim, MH Lee, MW Kim, AL Yarin, SS Yoon
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Growth rate and oscillation frequency of electrified jet and droplet: Effects of charge and electric field
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Comparison of Wind Tunnel Test and CFD Simulation Results for Newly-Proposed Steel Wind Turbines
JW Joung, BH Bang, YM Kim, MO Hwang
The Twenty-fourth International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, 2014
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