David Kraemer
David Kraemer
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Sensitivity of the action observation network to physical and observational learning
ES Cross, DJM Kraemer, AFC Hamilton, WM Kelley, ST Grafton
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Sound of silence activates auditory cortex
DJM Kraemer, CN Macrae, AE Green, WM Kelley
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JC Hayes, DJM Kraemer
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A Gene–Brain–Cognition Pathway: Prefrontal Activity Mediates the Effect of COMT on Cognitive Control and IQ
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Avoiding math on a rapid timescale: Emotional responsivity and anxious attention in math anxiety
RG Pizzie, DJM Kraemer
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The micro-category account of analogy
AE Green, JA Fugelsang, DJM Kraemer, KN Dunbar
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Approach, avoidance, and inhibition: Personality traits predict cognitive control abilities
R Prabhakaran, DJM Kraemer, SL Thompson-Schill
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DJM Kraemer, R Hamilton, SB Messing, JH DeSantis, ...
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Verbalizing, visualizing, and navigating: The effect of strategies on encoding a large-scale virtual environment.
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The Academic Anxiety Inventory: Evidence for dissociable patterns of anxiety related to math and other sources of academic stress
RG Pizzie, DJM Kraemer
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Association analysis between the 5-HTTLPR polymorphism in the SLC6A4 gene and generalized anxiety disorder
S Narasimhan, R Hodge, GA Doyle, DJM Kraemer, R Prabhakaran, ...
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Decoding individual differences in STEM learning from functional MRI data
JS Cetron, AC Connolly, SG Diamond, VV May, JV Haxby, DJM Kraemer
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Putting the pieces together: generating a novel representational space through deductive reasoning
KL Alfred, AC Connolly, DJM Kraemer
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Multivariate sensitivity to voice during auditory categorization
YS Lee, JE Peelle, D Kraemer, S Lloyd, R Granger
Journal of neurophysiology 114 (3), 1819-1826, 2015
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