Sei Hyun Yang
Cell openness manipulation of low density polyurethane foam for efficient sound absorption
JH Park, KS Minn, HR Lee, SH Yang, CB Yu, SY Pak, CS Oh, YS Song, ...
Journal of Sound and Vibration 406, 224-236, 2017
Optimization of low frequency sound absorption by cell size control and multiscale poroacoustics modeling
JH Park, SH Yang, HR Lee, CB Yu, SY Pak, CS Oh, YJ Kang, JR Youn
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Graphene embedded form stable phase change materials for drawing the thermo-electric energy harvesting
CB Yu, SH Yang, SY Pak, JR Youn, YS Song
Energy Conversion and Management 169, 88-96, 2018
Multiple-line particle focusing under viscoelastic flow in a microfluidic device
SH Yang, DJ Lee, JR Youn, YS Song
Analytical chemistry 89 (6), 3639-3647, 2017
Design and numerical analysis of syntactic hybrid foam for superior sound absorption
JRY J Park, SH Yang, KS Minn, CB Yu, YS Song
Materials & Design 142, 212-220, 2018
Programmable microfluidic logic device fabricated with a shape memory polymer
SH Yang, J Park, JR Youn, YS Song
Lab on a Chip 18 (18), 2865-2872, 2018
A microfluidic binary logic device using inertia-elastic particle focusing
SH Yang, JR Youn, YS Song
Current Applied Physics 18 (9), 975-981, 2018
Double-line particle focusing induced by negative normal stress difference in a microfluidic channel
SH Yang, DJ Lee, JR Youn, YS Song
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 23 (2), 21, 2019
Enhancement of Surface Hardness and Glossiness of Polymer Composites Filled with Reclaimed Marble Waste Powder by Ion Beam Irradiation
YSS Sei Hyun Yang, Doojin Lee, Seong Yeol Pak, Ji Won Jeong, Jae Ryoun Youn
Fibers and Polymers, 2021
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