Jun Kim
Jun Kim
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Rational design of Pt–Ni–Co ternary alloy nanoframe crystals as highly efficient catalysts toward the alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
A Oh, YJ Sa, H Hwang, H Baik, J Kim, B Kim, SH Joo, K Lee
Nanoscale 8 (36), 16379-16386, 2016
Hollow nanoparticles as emerging electrocatalysts for renewable energy conversion reactions
J Park, T Kwon, J Kim, H Jin, HY Kim, B Kim, SH Joo, K Lee
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (22), 8173-8202, 2018
Synthesis of compositionally tunable, hollow mixed metal sulphide Co x Ni y S z octahedral nanocages and their composition-dependent electrocatalytic activities for oxygen …
J Kim, H Jin, A Oh, H Baik, SH Joo, K Lee
Nanoscale 9 (40), 15397-15406, 2017
Porous β-MnO 2 nanoplates derived from MnCO 3 nanoplates as highly efficient electrocatalysts toward oxygen evolution reaction
J Kim, JS Kim, H Baik, K Kang, K Lee
RSC advances 6 (32), 26535-26539, 2016
Large-scale one pot synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles by decomposition of metal carbonates or nitrates
B Kim, J Kim, H Baik, K Lee
CrystEngComm 17 (27), 4977-4981, 2015
Reactive nanotemplates for synthesis of highly efficient electrocatalysts: beyond simple morphology transfer
J Kim, M Jun, S Choi, J Jo, K Lee
Nanoscale 11 (43), 20392-20410, 2019
Synthesis of Concave Pt Nanocubes and Concave Mn‐Doped Pt Nano‐octahedra by Identifying a Synergistic Effect among Surface Binding Moieties
A Oh, D Kang, J Kim, H Baik, K Lee
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 32 (11), 986-990, 2015
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