Dongha Tahk
Dongha Tahk
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Elastic moduli of organic electronic materials by the buckling method
D Tahk, HH Lee, DY Khang
Macromolecules 42 (18), 7079-7083, 2009
A low permeability microfluidic blood-brain barrier platform with direct contact between perfusable vascular network and astrocytes
S Bang, SR Lee, J Ko, K Son, D Tahk, J Ahn, C Im, NL Jeon
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Robust superomniphobic surfaces with mushroom-like micropillar arrays
SM Kang, SM Kim, HN Kim, MK Kwak, DH Tahk, KY Suh
Soft Matter 8 (33), 8563-8568, 2012
Adhesion hysteresis of Janus nanopillars fabricated by nanomolding and oblique metal deposition
H Yoon, HE Jeong, T Kim, TJ Kang, D Tahk, K Char, KY Suh
Nano Today 4 (5), 385-392, 2009
Fabrication of antireflection and antifogging polymer sheet by partial photopolymerization and dry etching
D Tahk, T Kim, H Yoon, M Choi, K Shin, KY Suh
Langmuir 26 (4), 2240-2243, 2010
Wettability-controllable super water-and moderately oil-repellent surface fabricated by wet chemical etching
T Kim, D Tahk, HH Lee
Langmuir 25 (11), 6576-6579, 2009
Ultra-sensitive pressure sensor based on guided straight mechanical cracks
YW Choi, D Kang, PV Pikhitsa, T Lee, SM Kim, G Lee, D Tahk, M Choi
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-8, 2017
Continuous and scalable fabrication of bioinspired dry adhesives via a roll-to-roll process with modulated ultraviolet-curable resin
H Yi, I Hwang, JH Lee, D Lee, H Lim, D Tahk, M Sung, WG Bae, SJ Choi, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (16), 14590-14599, 2014
“Open-top” microfluidic device for in vitro three-dimensional capillary beds
S Oh, H Ryu, D Tahk, J Ko, Y Chung, HK Lee, TR Lee, NL Jeon
Lab on a Chip 17 (20), 3405-3414, 2017
Continuous fabrication of bio-inspired water collecting surface via roll-type photolithography
SH Lee, JH Lee, CW Park, CY Lee, K Kim, D Tahk, MK Kwak
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green …, 2014
Conformal phase masks made of polyurethane acrylate with optimized elastic modulus for 3D nanopatterning
J Park, D Tahk, C Ahn, SG Im, SJ Choi, KY Suh, S Jeon
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (13), 2316-2322, 2014
Rapid large area fabrication of multiscale through-hole membranes
D Tahk, SM Paik, J Lim, S Bang, S Oh, H Ryu, NL Jeon
Lab on a Chip 17 (10), 1817-1825, 2017
Spontaneous dewetting-induced residue-free patterning at room temperature
SJ Choi, D Tahk, H Yoon
Journal of colloid and interface science 340 (1), 74-81, 2009
Fabrication of a hierarchical structure by oxygen plasma etching of a photocured microstructure containing a silicon moiety
SJ Choi, MK Choi, D Tahk, H Yoon
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (38), 14936-14940, 2011
Strain‐Visualization with Ultrasensitive Nanoscale Crack‐Based Sensor Assembled with Hierarchical Thermochromic Membrane
B Park, JU Kim, J Kim, D Tahk, C Jeong, J Ok, JH Shin, D Kang, T Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (40), 1903360, 2019
Magnetic nanoparticle-embedded hydrogel sheet with a groove pattern for wound healing application
M Noh, YH Choi, YH An, D Tahk, S Cho, JW Yoon, NL Jeon, TH Park, ...
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5 (8), 3909-3921, 2019
Optogenetic neuronal stimulation promotes axon outgrowth and myelination of motor neurons in a three‐dimensional motor neuron–Schwann cell coculture model on a microfluidic biochip
S Hyung, SR Lee, YJ Kim, S Bang, D Tahk, JC Park, JKF Suh, NL Jeon
Biotechnology and bioengineering 116 (10), 2425-2438, 2019
Design rules for a tunable merged-tip microneedle
J Lim, D Tahk, J Yu, DH Min, NL Jeon
Microsystems & nanoengineering 4 (1), 1-10, 2018
Efficiency Improvement of Organic Solar Cells by Tuning Hole Transport Layer with Germanium Oxide
MK Choi, JH Kim, H Yoon, D Tahk, S Seo, K Shin, HH Lee
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 12 (1), 623-628, 2012
Self-detachable UV-curable polymers for open-access microfluidic platforms
D Tahk, S Bang, S Hyung, J Lim, J Yu, J Kim, NL Jeon, HN Kim
Lab on a Chip 20 (22), 4215-4224, 2020
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