David Masip Rodo
David Masip Rodo
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On the use of Monte Carlo simulation, cache and splitting techniques to improve the Clarke and Wright savings heuristics
AA Juan, J Faulín, J Jorba, D Riera, D Masip, B Barrios
Journal of the Operational Research Society 62 (6), 1085-1097, 2011
Inteligencia artificial avanzada
R Benítez, G Escudero, S Kanaan, DM Rodó
Editorial UOC, 2014
Learnheuristics: hybridizing metaheuristics with machine learning for optimization with dynamic inputs
L Calvet, J de Armas, D Masip, AA Juan
Open Mathematics 15 (1), 261-280, 2017
Combining statistical learning with metaheuristics for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem with market segmentation
L Calvet, A Ferrer, MI Gomes, AA Juan, D Masip
Computers & Industrial Engineering 94, 93-104, 2016
Supervised committee of convolutional neural networks in automated facial expression analysis
G Pons, D Masip
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 9 (3), 343-350, 2017
Automatic prediction of facial trait judgments: Appearance vs. structural models
M Rojas Q, D Masip, A Todorov, J Vitria
PloS one 6 (8), e23323, 2011
Geometry-based ensembles: toward a structural characterization of the classification boundary
O Pujol, D Masip
IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 31 (6), 1140-1146, 2009
Interpreting cnn models for apparent personality trait regression
C Ventura, D Masip, A Lapedriza
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2017
Multi-task, multi-label and multi-domain learning with residual convolutional networks for emotion recognition
G Pons, D Masip
arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.06664, 2018
Preferred spatial frequencies for human face processing are associated with optimal class discrimination in the machine
MS Keil, A Lapedriza, D Masip, J Vitria
PloS one 3 (7), e2590, 2008
Boosted online learning for face recognition
D Masip, A Lapedriza, J Vitria
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B (Cybernetics) 39 …, 2008
Shared feature extraction for nearest neighbor face recognition
D Masip, J Vitria
IEEE transactions on neural networks 19 (4), 586-595, 2008
Boosted discriminant projections for nearest neighbor classification
D Masip, J Vitrià
Pattern Recognition 39 (2), 164-170, 2006
An ensemble-based method for linear feature extraction for two-class problems
D Masip, LI Kuncheva, J Vitria
Pattern Analysis and Applications 8 (3), 227-237, 2005
Are external face features useful for automatic face classification?
A Lapedriza, D Masip, J Vitria
2005 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2005
Online error correcting output codes
S Escalera, D Masip, E Puertas, P Radeva, O Pujol
Pattern Recognition Letters 32 (3), 458-467, 2011
Emotion recognition from mid-level features
D Sanchez-Mendoza, D Masip, A Lapedriza
Pattern Recognition Letters 67, 66-74, 2015
Student projects empowering mobile learning in higher education
À Rius, D Masip, R Clarisó
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education 11 (1 …, 2014
Automated gesture tracking in head-fixed mice
A Giovannucci, EA Pnevmatikakis, B Deverett, T Pereira, J Fondriest, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 300, 184-195, 2018
Comparing sugarcane fields and forest fragments: the effect of disturbance on soil physical properties and nematode assemblages
MO Cardoso, EMR Pedrosa, H Ferris, MM Rolim, TFS Vicente, MFL David
Soil Use and Management 31 (3), 397-407, 2015
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