Yongjin Yeom
Yongjin Yeom
Professor of Mathematics, Kookmin University
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New block cipher: ARIA
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Dynamic ransomware protection using deterministic random bit generator
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Recoverable random numbers in an internet of things operating system
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High-Speed Implementations of Block Ciphers on Graphics Processing Units Using CUDA Library
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A study on the one-to-many authentication scheme for cryptosystem based on quantum key distribution
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New entropy source for cryptographic modules using openMP in multicore CPUs
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Generating random numbers for cryptographic modules using race conditions in GPU
Y Yeom
Computer Applications for Graphics, Grid Computing, and Industrial …, 2012
Key derivation functions using the dual key agreement based on QKD and RSA cryptosystem
H Park, M Bae, JS Kang, Y Yeom
The Journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences …, 2016
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