Mousumi Garai
Mousumi Garai
Postdoctoral Scholar, KAIST의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Tunable Plastic Films of a Crystalline Polymer by Single‐Crystal‐to‐Single‐Crystal Photopolymerization of a Diene: Self‐Templating and Shock‐Absorbing Two‐Dimensional Hydrogen …
M Garai, R Santra, K Biradha
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (21), 5548-5551, 2013
Anion Influence in Directing and Altering the Stereochemistry of the Double [2+ 2] Reaction of Bis‐Pyridyl Dienes in their Silver Complexes: A Green Synthetic Route
R Santra, M Garai, D Mondal, K Biradha
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (2), 489-493, 2013
Coordination polymers of organic polymers synthesized via photopolymerization of single crystals: two-dimensional hydrogen bonding layers with amazing shock absorbing nature
M Garai, K Biradha
Chemical Communications 50 (27), 3568-3570, 2014
Interplay of pyridine substitution and Ag (I)··· Ag (I) and Ag (I)··· π interactions in templating photochemical solid state [2+ 2] reactions of unsymmetrical olefins …
M Garai, K Maji, VV Chernyshev, K Biradha
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (2), 550-554, 2016
Water‐Resistant and Transparent Plastic Films from Functionalizable Organic Polymers: Coordination Polymers as Templates for Solid‐State [2+ 2]‐Photopolymerization
M Garai, K Biradha
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (2), 273-277, 2017
One-Dimensional Coordination Polymers of Bis (3-pyridyl-acrylamido) ethane: Influence of Anions and Metal Ions on Their Solid State [2+ 2] Photochemical Polymerization and …
M Garai, K Biradha
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (2), 925-932, 2017
Exploration and exploitation of homologous series of bis (acrylamido) alkanes containing pyridyl and phenyl groups: β-sheet versus two-dimensional layers in solid-state …
M Garai, K Biradha
IUCrJ 2 (5), 523-533, 2015
Hydrogen-bonded Two-fold Interpenetrated Diamondoid Networks for Solid-State [2+ 2] Polymerizations of Criss-crossed Olefins: Molecular Connections vs Supramolecular Connections
R Mandal, M Garai, K Biradha
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (10), 5061-5064, 2017
Interplay of Halogen Bonding and Hydrogen Bonding in the Cocrystals and Salts of Dihalogens and Trihalides with N, N'-bis-(3-pyridyl-acrylamido) Derivatives: Phosphorescent …
A Goswami, M Garai, K Biradha
Crystal Growth & Design, 2019
Crystal Engineering Studies on Solid State [2+ 2] Reactions of Olefins Containing Amide Moieties: Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Reactions to Functional Materials
M Garai
IIT, Kharagpur, 2017
MS056. P03
M Garai, K Biradha
Foundations of Crystallography 70, C977, 2017
Interplay of Pyridine Substitution and Ag (I) center dot center dot center dot Ag (I) and Ag (I) center dot center dot center dot pi Interactions in Templating Photochemical …
M Garai, K Maji, VV Chernyshev, K Biradha
CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN 16 (2), 550-554, 2016
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