Zijiang Hao
Fog computing: Platform and applications
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Reducing smartphone application delay through read/write isolation
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A survey of virtual machine management in edge computing
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Physical media covert channels on smart mobile devices
E Novak, Y Tang, Z Hao, Q Li, Y Zhang
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SMOC: A secure mobile cloud computing platform
Z Hao, Y Tang, Y Zhang, E Novak, N Carter, Q Li
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Fastpay: A secure fast payment method for edge-IoT platforms using blockchain
Z Hao, R Ji, Q Li
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Edgecons: Achieving efficient consensus in edge computing networks
Z Hao, S Yi, Q Li
{USENIX} Workshop on Hot Topics in Edge Computing (HotEdge 18), 2018
EdgeStore: Integrating edge computing into cloud-based storage systems
Z Hao, Q Li
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Towards user re-authentication on mobile devices via on-screen keyboard
Z Hao, Q Li
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FABA: An Algorithm for Fast Aggregation against Byzantine Attacks in Distributed Neural Networks
Q Xia, Z Tao, Z Hao, Q Li
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Nomad: An Efficient Consensus Approach for Latency-Sensitive Edge-Cloud Applications
Z Hao, S Yi, Q Li
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Research on Efficiency and Security for Emerging Distributed Applications
Z Hao
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