Nathan Lepora
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The state of the art in biomimetics
NF Lepora, P Verschure, TJ Prescott
Bioinspiration & biomimetics 8 (1), 013001, 2013
The tactip family: Soft optical tactile sensors with 3d-printed biomimetic morphologies
B Ward-Cherrier, N Pestell, L Cramphorn, B Winstone, ME Giannaccini, ...
Soft robotics 5 (2), 216-227, 2018
Embodied choice: How action influences perceptual decision making
NF Lepora, G Pezzulo
PLoS computational biology 11 (4), e1004110, 2015
Tactile discrimination using active whisker sensors
JC Sullivan, B Mitchinson, MJ Pearson, M Evans, NF Lepora, CW Fox, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 12 (2), 350-362, 2011
Superresolution with an optical tactile sensor
NF Lepora, B Ward-Cherrier
2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2015
Active contour following to explore object shape with robot touch
U Martinez-Hernandez, G Metta, TJ Dodd, TJ Prescott, L Natale, ...
2013 World Haptics Conference (WHC), 341-346, 2013
Capturing dopaminergic modulation and bimodal membrane behaviour of striatal medium spiny neurons in accurate, reduced models
MD Humphries, N Lepora, R Wood, K Gurney
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 3, 26, 2009
Slip detection with a biomimetic tactile sensor
JW James, N Pestell, NF Lepora
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 3 (4), 3340-3346, 2018
Tactile sensors for friction estimation and incipient slip detection—Toward dexterous robotic manipulation: A review
W Chen, H Khamis, I Birznieks, NF Lepora, SJ Redmond
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (22), 9049-9064, 2018
Exploratory tactile servoing with active touch
NF Lepora, K Aquilina, L Cramphorn
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2 (2), 1156-1163, 2017
From pixels to percepts: Highly robust edge perception and contour following using deep learning and an optical biomimetic tactile sensor
NF Lepora, A Church, C De Kerckhove, R Hadsell, J Lloyd
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 4 (2), 2101-2107, 2019
Active touch for robust perception under position uncertainty
NF Lepora, U Martinez-Hernandez, TJ Prescott
2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 3020-3025, 2013
Naive Bayes texture classification applied to whisker data from a moving robot
NF Lepora, M Evans, CW Fox, ME Diamond, K Gurney, TJ Prescott
The 2010 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 1-8, 2010
Tactile superresolution and biomimetic hyperacuity
NF Lepora, U Martinez-Hernandez, M Evans, L Natale, G Metta, ...
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 31 (3), 605-618, 2015
Sensory prediction or motor control? Application of Marr–Albus type models of cerebellar function to classical conditioning
NF Lepora, J Porrill, C Yeo, P Dean
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 4, 140, 2010
Active sensorimotor control for tactile exploration
U Martinez-Hernandez, TJ Dodd, MH Evans, TJ Prescott, NF Lepora
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 87, 15-27, 2017
Tactile manipulation with a TacThumb integrated on the open-hand M2 gripper
B Ward-Cherrier, L Cramphorn, NF Lepora
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 1 (1), 169-175, 2016
The basal ganglia optimize decision making over general perceptual hypotheses
NF Lepora, KN Gurney
Neural Computation 24 (11), 2924-2945, 2012
Optimal decision-making in mammals: insights from a robot study of rodent texture discrimination
NF Lepora, CW Fox, MH Evans, ME Diamond, K Gurney, TJ Prescott
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 9 (72), 1517-1528, 2012
Model-free precise in-hand manipulation with a 3d-printed tactile gripper
B Ward-Cherrier, N Rojas, NF Lepora
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2 (4), 2056-2063, 2017
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