Reza Moussavi-Harami
Reza Moussavi-Harami
Professor of Geology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad의 이메일 확인됨
Geohistory analysis and petroleum reservoir characteristics of Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian) sandstones, eastern Kopet-Dagh Basin, northeastern Iran
R Moussavi-Harami, RL Brenner
AAPG bulletin 76 (8), 1200-1208, 1992
Caspian sea-level changes during the last millennium: historical and geological evidence from the south Caspian Sea
A Naderi Beni, H Lahijani, R Mousavi Harami, K Arpe, SAG Leroy, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (4), 1645-1665, 2013
Stable isotope aspects of modern molluscs, brachiopods, and marine cements from cool-water carbonates, Lacepede Shelf, South Australia
H Rahimpour-Bonab, Y Bone, R Moussavi-Harami
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 61 (1), 207-218, 1997
Facies analysis and depositional sequences of the Upper Jurassic Mozduran Formation, a carbonate reservoir in the Kopet Dagh Basin, NE Iran
MA Kavoosi, Y Lasemi, S Sherkati, R Moussavi‐Harami
Journal of Petroleum Geology 32 (3), 235-259, 2009
Jurassic deep-water fans in the Neo-Tethys Ocean: the Kashafrud Formation of the Kopet-Dagh basin, Iran
MR Poursoltani, R Moussavi-Harami, MR Gibling
Sedimentary Geology 198 (1-2), 53-74, 2007
Environmental and sequence stratigraphic implications of anhydrite textures: A case from the Lower Triassic of the Central Persian Gulf
M Aleali, H Rahimpour-Bonab, R Moussavi-Harami, D Jahani
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 75, 110-125, 2013
Depositional history and sequence stratigraphy of outcropping Tertiary carbonates in the Jahrum and Asmari Formations, Shiraz area (SW Iran)
M Nadjafi, A Mahboubi, R Moussavi‐Harami, R Mirzaee
Journal of Petroleum Geology 27 (2), 179-190, 2004
Analysis of the reservoir electrofacies in the framework of hydraulic flow units in the Whicher Range Field, Perth Basin, Western Australia
R Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi, R Rezaee, R Moussavi-Harami, ...
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 111, 106-120, 2013
Fractured zones detection using conventional petrophysical logs by differentiation method and its correlation with image logs
G Aghli, B Soleimani, R Moussavi-Harami, R Mohammadian
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 142, 152-162, 2016
Facies architecture, depositional environments, and sequence stratigraphy of the Middle Cambrian Fasham and Deh-Sufiyan Formations in the central Alborz, Iran
A Bayet-Goll, G Geyer, M Wilmsen, A Mahboubi, R Moussavi-Harami
Facies 60 (3), 815-841, 2014
Development of spit–lagoon complexes in response to Little Ice Age rapid sea-level changes in the central Guilan coast, South Caspian Sea, Iran
AN Beni, H Lahijani, RM Harami, SAG Leroy, M Shah-Hosseini, K Kabiri, ...
Geomorphology 187, 11-26, 2013
Diagenesis of non‐marine petroleum reservoirs: The Neocomian (Lower Cretaceous) Shurijeh Formation, Kopet‐Dagh Basin, NE Iran
R Moussavi‐Harami, RL Brenner
Journal of Petroleum Geology 16 (1), 55-72, 1993
Sequence stratigraphy and sea level history of the upper Paleocene strata in the Kopet-Dagh basin, northeastern Iran
A Mahboubi, R Moussavi-Harami, Y Lasemi, RL Brenner
AAPG bulletin 85 (5), 839-859, 2001
Basin and petroleum system modeling of the Cretaceous and Jurassic source rocks of the gas and oil reservoirs in Darquain field, south west Iran
A Zeinalzadeh, R Moussavi-Harami, A Mahboubi, VA Sajjadian
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 26, 419-426, 2015
Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian) fluvial deposits in eastern Kopet-Dagh basin, northeastern Iran
R Moussavi-Harami, RL Brenner
Cretaceous Research 11 (2), 163-174, 1990
Depositional processes of ribbon carbonates in middle cambrian of Iran (Deh-Sufiyan formation, central Alborz)
A Bayet-Goll, J Chen, R Moussavi-Harami, A Mahboubi
Facies 61 (3), 9, 2015
Lithostratigraphic revision of the middle Cambrian (Series 3) and upper Cambrian (Furongian) in northern and central Iran
G Geyer, A Bayetgoll, M Wilmsen, A Mahboubi, SR Moussavi Harami
Newsletter on Strtaigraphy 47, 2014
Stratigraphic application of Thalassinoides ichnofabric in delineating sequence stratigraphic surfaces (Mid-Cretaceous), Kopet-Dagh Basin, northeastern Iran
M Sharafi, M Ashuri, A Mahboubi, R Moussavi-Harami
Palaeoworld 21 (3-4), 202-216, 2012
Analysis of controls on downstream fining along three gravel-bed rivers in the Band-e-Golestan drainage basin NE Iran
R Moussavi-Harami, A Mahboubi, M Khanehbad
Geomorphology 61 (1-2), 143-153, 2004
Petrographical and geochemical evidences for paragenetic sequence interpretation of diagenesis in mixed siliciclastic–carbonate sediments: Mozduran Formation (Upper Jurassic …
A Mahboubi, R Moussavi-Harami, SJ Carpenter, A Aghaei, LB Collins
Carbonates and evaporites 25 (3), 231-246, 2010
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