Chi Hwan Lee
Chi Hwan Lee
Leslie A. Geddes Associate Professor at Purdue University
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Simultaneously efficient light absorption and charge separation in WO3/BiVO4 core/shell nanowire photoanode for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
PM Rao, L Cai, C Liu, IS Cho, CH Lee, JM Weisse, P Yang, X Zheng
Nano Letters 14 (2), 1099-1105, 2014
Bioresorbable silicon electronic sensors for the brain
SK Kang, RKJ Murphy, SW Hwang, SM Lee, DV Harburg, NA Krueger, ...
Nature 530 (7588), 71-76, 2016
Soft network composite materials with deterministic and bio-inspired designs
KI Jang, HU Chung, S Xu, CH Lee, H Luan, J Jeong, H Cheng, GT Kim, ...
Nature Communications 6, 2015
High resolution patterns of quantum dots formed by electrohydrodynamic jet printing for light-emitting diodes
BH Kim, MS Onses, JB Lim, S Nam, N Oh, H Kim, KJ Yu, JW Lee, JH Kim, ...
Nano Letters 15 (2), 969-973, 2015
Optoelectronic crystal of artificial atoms in strain-textured molybdenum disulphide
H Li, AW Contryman, X Qian, SM Ardakani, Y Gong, X Wang, JM Weisse, ...
Nature Communications 6, 2015
Binodal, wireless epidermal electronic systems with in-sensor analytics for neonatal intensive care
HU Chung, BH Kim, JY Lee, J Lee, Z Xie, EM Ibler, KH Lee, A Banks, ...
Science 363 (6430), 2019
Biodegradable elastomers and silicon nanomembranes/nanoribbons for stretchable, transient electronics and biosensors
S Hwang, CH Lee, H Cheng, J Jeong, SK Kang, J Kim, J Shin, J Yang, ...
Nano Letters 15 (5), 2801–2808, 2015
Codoping titanium dioxide nanowires with tungsten and carbon for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
IS Cho, CH Lee, Y Feng, M Logar, PM Rao, L Cai, DR Kim, R Sinclair, ...
Nature Communications 4, 1723, 2013
Battery-free, wireless sensors for full-body pressure and temperature mapping
S Han, J Kim, SM Won, Y Ma, D Kang, Z Xie, KT Lee, HU Chung, A Banks, ...
Science translational medicine 10 (435), 2018
Hybrid silicon microwire and planar solar cells: passivation and characterization
DR Kim, CH Lee, PM Rao, IS Cho, X Zheng
Nano Letters 11 (7), 2704-2708, 2011
Rapid and controllable flame reduction of titanium dioxide nanowires for enhanced solar water-splitting
IS Cho, M Logar, CH Lee, L Cai, FB Prinz, X Zheng
Nano Letters 14 (1), 24-31, 2013
Materials, electronic systems and modes for active and passive transience
JA Rogers, CH Lee, L Yin, X Huang, CMDNB Leal, DV Harburg, ...
US Patent 20,140,323,968, 2014
Fabricating nanowire devices on diverse substrates by simple transfer-printing methods
CH Lee, DR Kim, X Zheng
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (22), 9950, 2010
Soft core/shell packages for stretchable electronics
CH Lee, Y Ma, KI Jang, A Banks, T Pan, X Feng, JS Kim, D Kang, MS Raj, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2015
Fabrication of flexible and vertical silicon nanowire electronics
JM Weisse, CH Lee, DR Kim, X Zheng
Nano Letters 12 (6), 3339-3343, 2012
Fabrication of nanowire electronics on nonconventional substrates by water-assisted transfer printing method
CH Lee, DR Kim, X Zheng
Nano Letters 11 (8), 3435-3439, 2011
Mechanically reinforced skin‐electronics with networked nanocomposite elastomer
S Han, MK Kim, B Wang, DS Wie, S Wang, CH Lee
Advanced Materials, 2016
Multilayer transfer printing for pixelated, multi-color quantum dot light-emitting diodes
BH Kim, S Nam, N Oh, SY Cho, KJ Yu, CH Lee, J Zhang, K Deshpande, ...
ACS nano, 2016
Probing flow velocity with silicon nanowire sensors
DR Kim, CH Lee, X Zheng
Nano Letters 9 (5), 1984-1988, 2009
Transfer printing methods for flexible thin film solar cells: basic concepts and working principles
CH Lee, DR Kim, X Zheng
ACS Nano 8 (9), 8746-8756, 2014
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