Zhou XU
Zhou XU
Chongqing University & The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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The impact of feature selection on defect prediction performance: An empirical comparison
Z Xu, J Liu, Z Yang, G An, X Jia
ISSRE--International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, 309-320, 2016
Software defect prediction based on kernel PCA and weighted extreme learning machine
Z Xu, J Liu, X Luo, Z Yang, Y Zhang, P Yuan, Y Tang, T Zhang
IST--Information and Software Technology, 2018
MICHAC: Defect prediction via feature selection based on maximal information coefficient with hierarchical agglomerative clustering
Z Xu, J Xuan, J Liu, X Cui
SANER--International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and …, 2016
Cross-version defect prediction via hybrid active learning with kernel principal component analysis
Z Xu, J Liu, X Luo, T Zhang
SANER--International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and …, 2018
Noisy-As-Clean: Learning unsupervised denoising from the corrupted image
J Xu, Y Huang, MM Cheng, L Liu, F Zhu, Z Xu, L Shao
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.06878, 2020
LDFR: Learning Deep Feature Representation for Software Defect Prediction
Z Xu, S Li, J Xu, J Liu, X Luo, Y Zhang, T Zhang, J Keung, T Yutian
JSS--Journal of Systems and Software, 2019
Cross Version Defect Prediction with Representative Data via Sparse Subset Selection
Z Xu, S Li, Y Tang, X Luo, T Zhang, J Liu, J Xu
ICPC--International Conference on Program Comprehension, 2018
TSTSS: A Two-Stage Training Subset Selection Framework for Cross Version Defect Prediction
Z Xu, S Li, X Luo, J Liu, T Zhang, Y Tang, J Xu, P Yuan, J Keung
JSS--Journal of Systems and Software, 2019
HDA: Cross-Project Defect Prediction via Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation With Dictionary Learning
Z Xu, P Yuan, T Zhang, Y Tang, S Li, Z Xia
Bug Severity Prediction Using Question-and-Answer Pairs from Stack Overflow
Y Tan, S Xu, Z Wang, T Zhang, Z Xu, X Luo
NASAC--National Software Application Conference, 2019
Cross Project Defect Prediction via Balanced Distribution Adaptation Based Transfer Learning
Z Xu, S Pang, T Zhang, L Xiapu, L Jin, Y Tang, X Yu, L Xue
JCST--Journal Of Computer Science and Technology, 2019
Improving Ranking-Oriented Defect Prediction Using a Cost-Sensitive Ranking SVM
X Yu, J Liu, JW Keung, Q Li, KE Bennin, Z Xu, J Wang, X Cui
TR--IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 2019
A comprehensive comparative study of clustering-based unsupervised defect prediction models
Z Xu, L Li, M Yan, J Liu, X Luo, J Grundy, Y Zhang, X Zhang
Journal of Systems and Software 172, 110862, 2020
An Empirical Study of Learning to Rank Techniques for Effort-Aware Defect Prediction
X Yu, KE Bennin, J Liu, JW Keung, X Yin, Z Xu
SANER--International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and …, 2019
All your app links are belong to us: understanding the threats of instant apps based attacks
Y Tang, Y Sui, H Wang, X Luo, H Zhou, Z Xu
Proceedings of the 28th ACM Joint Meeting on European Software Engineering …, 2020
Identifying Crashing Fault Residence Based on Cross Project Model
Z Xu, T Zhang, Y Zhang, Y Tang, J Liu, X Luo, J Keung, X Cui
ISSRE--International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, 2019
Feature selection and embedding based cross project framework for identifying crashing fault residence
Z Xu, T Zhang, J Keung, M Yan, X Luo, X Zhang, L Xu, Y Tang
Information and Software Technology 131, 106452, 2021
Demystifying Application Performance Management Libraries for Android
Y Tang, X Zhan, H Zhou, X Luo, Z Xu, Y Zhou, Y Yan
ASE--International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2019
Watermelon Ripeness Detection via Extreme Learning Machine with Kernel Principal Component Analysis based on Acoustic Signals
Y Zhang, X Deng, Z Xu, P Yuan
IJPRAI--International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 2018
Stan: Towards describing bytecodes of smart contract
X Li, T Chen, X Luo, T Zhang, L Yu, Z Xu
2020 IEEE 20th International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and …, 2020
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