Adrian Veres
Adrian Veres
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Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books
JB Michel, YK Shen, AP Aiden, A Veres, MK Gray, JP Pickett, D Hoiberg, ...
science 331 (6014), 176-182, 2011
Droplet barcoding for single-cell transcriptomics applied to embryonic stem cells
AM Klein, L Mazutis, I Akartuna, N Tallapragada, A Veres, V Li, L Peshkin, ...
Cell 161 (5), 1187-1201, 2015
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JB Michel, YK Shen, AP Aiden, A Veres, MK Gray, W Brockman
Pickett, JP, Hoiberg, D., Clancy, D., Norvig, P., Orwant, J., Pinker, S …, 2011
Evolutionary paths to antibiotic resistance under dynamically sustained drug selection
E Toprak, A Veres, JB Michel, R Chait, DL Hartl, R Kishony
Nature genetics 44 (1), 101-105, 2012
A TALEN genome-editing system for generating human stem cell-based disease models
Q Ding, YK Lee, EAK Schaefer, DT Peters, A Veres, K Kim, ...
Cell stem cell 12 (2), 238-251, 2013
A single-cell transcriptomic map of the human and mouse pancreas reveals inter-and intra-cell population structure
M Baron, A Veres, SL Wolock, AL Faust, R Gaujoux, A Vetere, JH Ryu, ...
Cell systems 3 (4), 346-360. e4, 2016
Low incidence of off-target mutations in individual CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN targeted human stem cell clones detected by whole-genome sequencing
A Veres, BS Gosis, Q Ding, R Collins, A Ragavendran, H Brand, S Erdin, ...
Cell stem cell 15 (1), 27-30, 2014
Single-cell barcoding and sequencing using droplet microfluidics
R Zilionis, J Nainys, A Veres, V Savova, D Zemmour, AM Klein, L Mazutis
Nature protocols 12 (1), 44, 2017
Charting cellular identity during human in vitro β-cell differentiation
A Veres, AL Faust, HL Bushnell, EN Engquist, JHR Kenty, G Harb, ...
Nature 569 (7756), 368-373, 2019
Building a morbidostat: an automated continuous-culture device for studying bacterial drug resistance under dynamically sustained drug inhibition
E Toprak, A Veres, S Yildiz, JM Pedraza, R Chait, J Paulsson, R Kishony
Nature protocols 8 (3), 555-567, 2013
Delayed commitment to evolutionary fate in antibiotic resistance fitness landscapes
AC Palmer, E Toprak, M Baym, S Kim, A Veres, S Bershtein, R Kishony
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-8, 2015
Identifying gene expression programs of cell-type identity and cellular activity with single-cell RNA-Seq
D Kotliar, A Veres, MA Nagy, S Tabrizi, E Hodis, DA Melton, PC Sabeti
Elife 8, e43803, 2019
others (2011). Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books
JB Michel, YK Shen, AP Aiden, A Veres, MK Gray, JP Pickett, D Hoiberg, ...
Science 331 (6014), 176-182, 0
An augmented SMS intervention to improve access to antenatal CD4 testing and ART initiation in HIV-infected pregnant women: a cluster randomized trial
S Dryden-Peterson, K Bennett, MD Hughes, A Veres, O John, ...
PloS one 10 (2), e0117181, 2015
A method for the generation of human stem cell-derived alpha cells
QP Peterson, A Veres, L Chen, MQ Slama, JHR Kenty, S Hassoun, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-14, 2020
Population diversity jeopardizes the efficacy of antibiotic cycling
YJ Jiao, M Baym, A Veres, R Kishony
BioRxiv, 082107, 2016
JB Michel, YK Shen, AP Aiden, A Veres, MK Gray
The Google Books, Pickett, JP, Hoiberg, D., Clancy, D., Norvig, P., Orwant …, 2011
Efficient Design of Optimized AAV Capsids Using Multi-Property Machine Learning Models Trained across Cells, Organs and Species
S Abestesh, I Akartuna, A Brown, M Cramer, F Damani, J Gerold, J Gorns, ...
MOLECULAR THERAPY 29 (4), 12-12, 2021
AAV Capsid Property Estimation Is Improved by Combining Single-Molecule ID Tags and Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Experimental Processes
K Lin, J Otwinowski, B Tobin, S Wolock, J Kwasnieski, C Sengel, R Ogurlu, ...
MOLECULAR THERAPY 29 (4), 98-98, 2021
Accurately Quantifying Transduction within Barcoded AAV Capsid Libraries via Tracking of Single-Molecule ID Tags
KS Lin, SW Lapan, E Marrogi, C Sengel, CP Reardon, HM Kuchwara, ...
Molecular Therapy 28 (4), 437-438, 2020
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