Seo Jin Ki
Seo Jin Ki
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Linking land-use type and stream water quality using spatial data of fecal indicator bacteria and heavy metals in the Yeongsan river basin
JH Kang, SW Lee, KH Cho, SJ Ki, SM Cha, JH Kim
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Pesticide sorption and leaching potential on three Hawaiian soils
KE Hall, C Ray, SJ Ki, KA Spokas, WC Koskinen
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Characteristics of wet and dry weather heavy metal discharges in the Yeongsan Watershed, Korea
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Determination of the optimal parameters in regression models for the prediction of chlorophyll-a: a case study of the Yeongsan Reservoir, Korea
KH Cho, JH Kang, SJ Ki, Y Park, SM Cha, JH Kim
Science of the total environment 407 (8), 2536-2545, 2009
Disaster response and river infrastructure management during the 2015 Myanmar floods: a case in the Bago River Basin
A Kawasaki, N Ichihara, Y Ochii, RA Acierto, A Kodaka, WW Zin
International journal of disaster risk reduction 24, 151-159, 2017
Advancing assessment and design of stormwater monitoring programs using a self-organizing map: Characterization of trace metal concentration profiles in stormwater runoff
SJ Ki, JH Kang, SW Lee, YS Lee, KH Cho, KG An, JH Kim
Water research 45 (14), 4183-4197, 2011
Synthesis of manganese oxide/activated carbon composites for supercapacitor application using a liquid phase plasma reduction system
H Lee, SH Park, SJ Kim, YK Park, BJ Kim, KH An, SJ Ki, SC Jung
international journal of hydrogen energy 40 (1), 754-759, 2015
Photocatalytic reactions of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid using a microwave-assisted photocatalysis system
H Lee, SH Park, YK Park, SJ Kim, SG Seo, SJ Ki, SC Jung
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Spatial and temporal pollutant budget analyses toward the total maximum daily loads management for the Yeongsan watershed in Korea
SJ Ki, YG Lee, SW Kim, YJ Lee, JH Kim
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Improving removal of 4-chlorophenol using a TiO2 photocatalytic system with microwave and ultraviolet radiation
SJ Ki, KJ Jeon, YK Park, S Jeong, H Lee, SC Jung
Catalysis Today 293, 15-22, 2017
Solar and tidal modulations of fecal indicator bacteria in coastal waters at Huntington Beach, California
SJ Ki, S Ensari, JH Kim
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Effect of environmental flow management on river water quality: a case study at Yeongsan River, Korea
SM Cha, SJ Ki, KH Cho, H Choi, JH Kim
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Using fuzzy logic analysis for siting decisions of infiltration trenches for highway runoff control
SJ Ki, C Ray
Science of the total environment 493, 44-53, 2014
Factors dominating stratification cycle and seasonal water quality variation in a Korean estuarine reservoir
YG Lee, JH Kang, SJ Ki, SM Cha, KH Cho, YS Lee, Y Park, SW Lee, ...
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Interpretation of seasonal water quality variation in the Yeongsan Reservoir, Korea using multivariate statistical analyses
KH Cho, Y Park, JH Kang, SJ Ki, S Cha, SW Lee, JH Kim
Water Science and Technology 59 (11), 2219-2226, 2009
Evaluation of pollutants removal efficiency to achieve successful urban river restoration
SM Cha, YS Ham, SJ Ki, SW Lee, KH Cho, Y Park, JH Kim
Water Science and Technology 59 (11), 2101-2109, 2009
A GIS-assisted regional screening tool to evaluate the leaching potential of volatile and non-volatile pesticides
SJ Ki, C Ray
Journal of Hydrology 522, 163–173, 2015
New methodology of evaluation of best management practices performances for an agricultural watershed according to the climate change scenarios: a hybrid use of deterministic …
DJ Jeon, SJ Ki, YK Cha, Y Park, JH Kim
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A systematic optimization of Internally Staged Design (ISD) for a full-scale reverse osmosis process
K Jeong, M Park, SJ Ki, JH Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 540, 285-296, 2017
Assessing the electrochemical performance of a supercapacitor electrode made of copper oxide and activated carbon using liquid phase plasma
SJ Ki, H Lee, YK Park, SJ Kim, KH An, SC Jung
Applied Surface Science 446, 243-249, 2018
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