Savannah Garmon
Savannah Garmon
Assistant Professor, Osaka Prefecture University의 이메일 확인됨
Quasibound states in the continuum in a two channel quantum wire with an adatom
H Nakamura, N Hatano, S Garmon, T Petrosky
Physical review letters 99 (21), 210404, 2007
Nonanalytic enhancement of the charge transfer from adatom to one-dimensional semiconductor superlattice and optical absorption spectrum
S Tanaka, S Garmon, T Petrosky
Physical Review B 73 (11), 115340, 2006
Bound states, scattering states, and resonant states in PT-symmetric open quantum systems
S Garmon, M Gianfreda, N Hatano
Physical Review A 92 (2), 022125, 2015
LGBT climate in physics: Building an inclusive community
TJ Atherton, RS Barthelemy, W Deconinck, ML Falk, S Garmon, E Long, ...
American Physical Society, 118-126, 2016
Electron trapping in a one-dimensional semiconductor quantum wire with multiple impurities
S Tanaka, S Garmon, G Ordonez, T Petrosky
Physical Review B 76 (15), 153308, 2007
Two-channel quantum wire with an adatom impurity: Role of the van Hove singularity in the quasibound state in continuum, decay rate amplification, and the Fano effect
S Garmon, H Nakamura, N Hatano, T Petrosky
Physical Review B 80 (11), 115318, 2009
Amplification of non‐Markovian decay due to bound state absorption into continuum
S Garmon, T Petrosky, L Simine, D Segal
Fortschritte der Physik 61, 261, 2013
Strongly coupled matter field and nonanalytic decay rate of dipole molecules in a waveguide
T Petrosky, CO Ting, S Garmon
Physical review letters 94 (4), 043601, 2005
Landau-Zener transitions mediated by an environment: Population transfer and energy dissipation
A Dodin, S Garmon, L Simine, D Segal
The Journal of chemical physics 140 (12), 124709, 2014
Exact description of coalescing eigenstates in open quantum systems in terms of microscopic Hamiltonian dynamics
K Kanki, S Garmon, S Tanaka, T Petrosky
Journal of Mathematical Physics 58 (9), 092101, 2017
Characteristic dynamics near two coalescing eigenvalues incorporating continuum threshold effects
S Garmon, G Ordonez
Journal of Mathematical Physics 58 (6), 062101, 2017
Higher-order time-symmetry-breaking phase transition due to meeting of an exceptional point and a Fano resonance
S Tanaka, S Garmon, K Kanki, T Petrosky
Physical Review A 94 (2), 022105, 2016
Analysis technique for exceptional points in open quantum systems and QPT analogy for the appearance of irreversibility
S Garmon, I Rotter, N Hatano, D Segal
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 51 (11), 3536-3550, 2012
Fano resonances and entanglement entropy
V Eisler, SS Garmon
Physical Review B 82 (17), 174202, 2010
Non-markovian dynamics revealed at a bound state in the continuum
S Garmon, K Noba, G Ordonez, D Segal
Physical Review A 99 (1), 010102, 2019
Fano absorption spectrum with the complex spectral analysis
T Fukuta, S Garmon, K Kanki, K Noba, S Tanaka
Physical Review A 96 (5), 052511, 2017
Density of states and quantum phase transition in the thermodynamic limit of the Mermin central-spin model
SS Garmon, P Ribeiro, R Mosseri
Physical Review E 83 (4), 041128, 2011
Impurity-directed transport within a finite disordered lattice
BJ Magnetta, G Ordonez, S Garmon
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 96, 62-72, 2018
Anomalous-order exceptional point and non-Markovian Purcell effect at threshold in one-dimensional continuum systems
S Garmon, G Ordonez, N Hatano
Physical Review Research 3 (3), 033029, 2021
Coherent single-spin electron resonance spectroscopy manifested at an exceptional-point singularity in doped polyacetylene
Y Dunham, K Kanki, S Garmon, S Tanaka, G Ordonez
Physical Review A 103 (4), 043513, 2021
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