Virginia Savova
Virginia Savova
Distinguished Scientist, Sanofi
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A single-cell atlas of the airway epithelium reveals the CFTR-rich pulmonary ionocyte
LW Plasschaert, R Žilionis, R Choo-Wing, V Savova, J Knehr, G Roma, ...
Nature 560 (7718), 377, 2018
Single-cell barcoding and sequencing using droplet microfluidics
R Zilionis, J Nainys, A Veres, V Savova, D Zemmour, AM Klein, L Mazutis
Nature Protocols 12 (1), 44-73, 2017
Single-Cell Transcriptomics of Human and Mouse Lung Cancers Reveals Conserved Myeloid Populations across Individuals and Species
R Zilionis*, C Engblom*, C Pfirschke*, V Savova*#, D Zemmour, ...
Immunity, 2019
Osteoblasts remotely supply lung tumors with cancer-promoting SiglecFhigh neutrophils
C Engblom, C Pfirschke, R Zilionis, JDS Martins, SA Bos, G Courties, ...
Science 358 (6367), eaal5081, 2017
Tumor-suppressor genes that escape from X-inactivation contribute to cancer sex bias
A Dunford, DM Weinstock, V Savova, SE Schumacher, JP Cleary, A Yoda, ...
Nature genetics 49 (1), 10-16, 2017
Learning the structure of task-driven human–human dialogs
S Bangalore, G Di Fabbrizio, A Stent
IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 16 (7), 1249-1259, 2008
Reinforcement learning for adaptive routing
L Peshkin, V Savova
Neural Networks, 2002. IJCNN'02. Proceedings of the 2002 International Joint …, 2002
Level of categorisation effect: A novel effect in the picture-word interference paradigm
A Costa, B Mahon, V Savova, A Caramazza
Language and Cognitive Processes 18 (2), 205-234, 2003
Chromatin signature of widespread monoallelic expression
A Nag*, V Savova*, HL Fung, A Miron, GC Yuan, K Zhang, AA Gimelbrant
eLife 2, 2013
A transgenic mouse marking live replicating cells reveals in vivo transcriptional program of proliferation
A Klochendler, N Weinberg-Corem, M Moran, A Swisa, N Pochet, ...
Developmental cell 23 (4), 681-690, 2012
Somatic Cell Fusions Reveal Extensive Heterogeneity in Basal-like Breast Cancer.
PK Su Y, Subedee A, Bloushtain-Qimron N, Savova V, Krzystanek M, Li L ...
Cell Reports 11 (10), 1549-63, 2015
Genes with monoallelic expression contribute disproportionately to genetic diversity in humans
V Savova, S Chun, M Sohail, RB McCole, R Witwicki, L Gai, TL Lenz, ...
Nature genetics 48 (3), 231-237, 2016
Syntax encodes information structure: Evidence from on-line reading comprehension
M Brown, V Savova, E Gibson
Journal of Memory and Language 66 (1), 194-209, 2012
dbMAE: the database of autosomal monoallelic expression
V Savova, J Patsenker, S Vigneau, AA Gimelbrant
Nucleic Acids Research, 2015
Chromatin signature identifies monoallelic gene expression across mammalian cell types
A Nag, S Vigneau, V Savova, LM Zwemer, AA Gimelbrant
G3: Genes| Genomes| Genetics 5 (8), 1713-1720, 2015
Autosomal monoallelic expression: genetics of epigenetic diversity?
V Savova, S Vigneau, AA Gimelbrant
Current opinion in genetics & development 23 (6), 642-648, 2013
A probabilistic model of meetings that combines words and discourse features
M Dowman, V Savova, TL Griffiths, KP Kording, JB Tenenbaum, M Purver
IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 16 (7), 1238-1248, 2008
High prevalence of clonal monoallelic expression
S Vigneau, S Vinogradova, V Savova, A Gimelbrant
Nature genetics 50 (9), 1198, 2018
Bayesian nets in syntactic categorization of novel words
L Peshkin, A Pfeffer, V Savova
Proceedings of the 2003 Conference of the North American Chapter of the …, 2003
Risk alleles of genes with monoallelic expression are enriched in gain-of-function variants and depleted in loss-of-function variants for neurodevelopmental disorders
V Savova, S Vinogradova, D Pruss, AA Gimelbrant, LA Weiss
Nature Molecular Psychiatry, 2017
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