Mouaaz Nahas
Mouaaz Nahas
Associate Professor - Electrical Engineering Department, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Reducing message-length variations in resource-constrained embedded systems implemented using the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol
M Nahas, MJ Pont, M Short
Journal of Systems Architecture 55 (5-6), 344-354, 2009
The impact of bit stuffing on the real-time performance of a distributed control system
M Nahas, M Short, MJ Pont
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Using XOR operations to reduce variations in the transmission time of CAN messages: A pilot study
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Reducing task jitter in shared-clock embedded systems using CAN
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Safety Measurements of Electromagnetic Fields Radiated from Mobile Base Stations in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia
N Mouaaz, S Mohammed T
Wireless Engineering and Technology 2011, 2011
Applying Eight-to-Eleven Modulation to reduce message-length variations in distributed embedded systems using the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol
M Nahas
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M Nahas
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Magnetic refrigeration technology at room temperature
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Ways for implementing highly-predictable embedded systems using time-triggered co-operative (TTC) architectures
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M Nahas
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Smart electromagnetic simulations: guidelines for design of experiments technique
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Bridging the gap between scheduling algorithms and scheduler implementations in time-triggered embedded systems.
M Nahas
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Optimal Design of Electromagnetic Devices Using the League Championship Algorithm.
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Developing Scheduler Test Cases to Verify Scheduler Implementations in Time-Triggered Embedded Systems
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Simulation of a standalone, portable steam generator driven by a solar concentrator
M Sabry, M Nahas, SH Al-Lehyani
Energies 8 (5), 3867-3881, 2015
Studying the Impact of Scheduler Implementation on Task Jitter in Real-Time Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems
M Nahas
Journal of Embedded Systems 2 (3), 39-52, 2014
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